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Multiple Sclerosis – Where to Find HelpEncephalomyelitis disseminate – the Latin name for multiple sclerosis sounds just as complicated as the disease itself. The first term generally describes the Inflammation in the brain and spinal cord, which do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the cause. Dessimination points to the Dispersion of inflammation and the relapsing nature of the disease. Not for nothing MS is also called "the disease with 1000 faces" called. The course and treatment of multiple sclerosis can vary greatly from patient to patient, so that general statements can only be made to a limited extent. Precisely because the disease still leaves many questions unanswered, we want to capture the current state of knowledge and treatment options in this article.

What is multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system. the entire brain. Spinal cord can be affected. In MS patients destroyed (parts of) nerve fibers by its own immune system, which are significantly involved in the transmission of impulses. This can paralysis symptoms muscles can no longer be coordinated properly or sensory signals cannot be transmitted correctly. The first MS symptoms usually appear between the ages of 20 and 40 at. Although Initial disease also in children, adolescents and after the 45. Increase in strength at age. Multiple sclerosis can be pronounced to varying degrees. In mild manifestations, an impairment in everyday life is hardly noticeable. If the disease is severe, physical and mental health is significantly affected. Adulthood to permanent disability. Early retirement (ca. one third of the patients) can lead. By the way, the prejudice that multiple sclerosis is necessarily fatal is not true. It can also be not to equate multiple sclerosis with muscle atrophy or a mental illness. In addition, MS not in every case to a life in a wheelchair.

How multiple sclerosis develops?

The brain functions as a kind of control center from which signals are sent to and received by the body. The Information is conducted by nerve fibers, which are surrounded by an insulating layer similar to electrical cables. This protective layer consists of the substance myelin. If a inflammatory focus develops, messages can no longer be transmitted so effectively. It can in MS sufferers, sensations of discomfort cause symptoms such as increased stumbling or difficulty seeing. If several of these occur inflammatory foci in rapid succession the disease, one speaks of Schub. Usually it develops within hours or days. subsides after some time.

What are the symptoms of multiple sclerosis??

At the onset of MS, signs of the disease often motor disturbances on how Paralysis, visual disturbances and sensory disturbances of the skin in the form of tingling. Painful sensations, numbness, double vision or "blurred" speech are also possible symptoms. Other typical symptoms are Bladder problems or unsteadiness in walking and reaching.

In addition, symptoms may occur that are not really visible or noticeable. are graspable. This includes abnormal, premature exhaustibility (so-called fatigue), cognitive disorders, dizziness, limitations in attention, depressive moods as well as sexual dysfunction. Invisible as well as visible symptoms of MS can severely affect patients in their daily lives and limit their quality of life. What care means at a young age and how you can protect yourself, you can read in our article "Young and in need of care: how care works at a young age".

How is multiple sclerosis diagnosed?

Most of the initial symptoms can also be attributed to other diseases. Therefore, even for an experienced physician, it is a Challenge, the signs of the disease already can be precisely classified in the early stages. A comprehensive medical history and a series of further detailed examinations provide a confirmed diagnosis. Among the methods counts one neurological, physical examination and a magnetic resonance tomography of the brain and the spinal cord. In addition, evoked potentials are used to measure nerve conduction and velocity. With the help of a lumbar puncture, cerebrospinal fluid is obtained, which allows further conclusions to be drawn.

What is the current state of research on multiple sclerosis??

According to the German Multiple Sclerosis Society, the course of the disease is still.V. About 2.5 million people worldwide with multiple sclerosis, more than 240 in Germany.000. Every year, more than 10.000 people newly diagnosed with MS. Women are affected about twice as often as men. At present, the disease is still not entirely curable, however, the disease activity can be controlled in some patients. Thus the slowed down and the symptoms alleviated are.

How intestinal bacteria and multiple sclerosis are connected is the subject of the program W wie Wissen from the German TV station Ersten:

How is multiple sclerosis treated?

In acute episodes, patients receive high-dose anti-inflammatory drugs, usually steroid hormones. Become basic treatment Immunosuppressants prescribed – medications that dampen the immune response. You should use the Stop the progression of the chronic disease. In addition, there are physiotherapeutic and occupational therapy measures, logopedic help and – very important – psychotherapeutic counseling. Homeopathic or anthroposophic healing methods, such as artistic therapy, wraps and compresses, can be used as a complementary treatment. When medications have little or no effect and MS is progressing rapidly, it is possible to find help with the help of Stem cell transplantation from the patient's own stem cells a new, healthy immune system emerges. Although studies have clearly confirmed the success and many transplanted patients have not had any relapses for ten years, health insurance companies generally do not cover the costs of stem cell therapy.

Diagnosis MS: Where to turn? Information on the topic as well as tips. Sharing about living with MS. If you are looking for doctors or a practice near you: In the clinic directory with DMSG-certified MS centers of focus, you can find quick advice in your area. The diagnosis of MS is not only hard for those affected, but also for their relatives. What you can do in emergency situations and where you can find self-help as well as psychological counseling for relatives, you can read at Neurologists and Psychiatrists on the Net. People with MS diagnosis, who continue their way of life, are portrayed by the Initiative Self-Help for Multiple Sclerosis Patients.

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multiple sclerosis where can i find help i magazine of ideal insurance

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