Muscle atrophy in old age what to do livadur

Muscle atrophy: not a harmless phenomenon in old ageWith increasing age, human
Musculature ever weaker. The causes can be of different origin, but often it is due to lack of exercise in old age. Counteract muscle atrophy and promote your health by recognizing the symptoms and early signs early on, and with effective exercise and Nutritional supplementation treat.

What is muscle atrophy? – Possible causes

The term muscle wasting (med. Decrease in muscle mass. Muscle function. Affected persons find it more difficult to perform movements fluidly – in the worst case, they can no longer perform them at all. In most cases, the disease is preceded by muscle weakness.

The potential Causes for the development of muscle atrophy are manifold:

muscle diseasesThe loss of muscle mass is relatively rare in connection with hereditary diseases such as muscular dystrophy or neurological diseases such as muscular atrophy. in old age:
More often, muscle atrophy in the elderly occurs due to lack of exercise and nutrients. In this form, physicians speak of a so-called Sarcopenia.

Why does muscle atrophy occur in old age?

The decline of human muscle strength in old age is quite natural up to a certain extent. Around 30. At the age of 50, the body has reached its maximum muscle mass. From then on, a gradual physiological remodeling of the muscles into fat and connective tie. If you do nothing about it, you run the risk of rapidly losing muscle and damaging your health. For example, it is possible for 30 to 50 percent of muscle mass to be lost by the age of 80. lose muscle strength before the age of 50. With the help of sports exercises. You can counteract these developments by taking the appropriate dietary supplements. With the help of sport exercises and a suitable nutritional supplement you can counteract these developments.

Muscle atrophy in old age what to do livadur

First signs and symptoms of muscle atrophy in old age

Often the doctor diagnoses sarcopenia only by chance during general medical examinations. However, if you listen carefully to your body, you can detect the decline in muscle strength at an early stage and stay healthy in the long term.

Difficulties, to carry out movementsWalking is more strenuous, you stumble more or need more breaks when climbing stairs – these could all be signs of muscle atrophy in old age. Sometimes swallowing disorders also occur. physical strength dwindlesPatients often complain that carrying heavy objects is too much for them and that they feel tired more quickly. changes in body postureWhen the muscles are no longer able to adequately support the skeleton, this can be seen in a bent posture. rapid overstraining in everyday lifeTasks such as hanging up laundry become increasingly difficult for those with the disease. For example, they reach their breaking point unusually quickly.

Do these signs look familiar to you? If you have any of the above symptoms, you should see a doctor as soon as possible for a check-up. With the help of medical advice and effective dietary supplements such as creatine, the symptoms and discomfort can be alleviated. 4

What you can do against muscle atrophy in old age

A healthy Musculature is the be-all and end-all for physical performance and a self-determined life. in addition to helping you cope with everyday life, it also helps you maintain your cardiovascular system, among other things. Nutrition you can prevent muscle atrophy. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sufficient exercise in old age

Exercise and movement in everyday life are considered key to success at any age for staying healthy and maintaining muscle strength in the long term. When a doctor diagnoses muscle atrophy in old age, usually Physiotherapy or physical therapy prescribed. Training is then specifically tailored to your problems and complaints.

But even at home you can Exercises exercise to strengthen your muscles again. We have developed a special muscle building program for people over 50 Training plan created to counteract muscle atrophy in old age. Exercises for your muscle building To the training plan from 50


In combination with sports and exercise, it is recommended to take Creatine To promote your health. This is a natural component of the body, which is ingested, for example, through food such as meat. In addition, you can take it with the help of the dietary supplement LIVAFeed DUR ®. LIVADUR ® was developed specifically for muscle development in the second half of life and is the ideal support for people suffering from muscle atrophy or muscle weakness.

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the daily intake of creatine can increase the effect of weight training on muscle strength in adults over 55 years of age. LIVADUR ® is a powder that is easy to dissolve in water and drink. GET TO KNOW LIVADUR ®


In addition to regular sporting exercises and taking creatine, you can also counteract muscle loss in old age with the right diet. Malnutrition leads to the fact that no new muscle tie can be built up.

With age, therefore, you should increasingly Proteins (important building blocks of muscle tie), which are contained in legumes or dairy products, for example. Often the treating physician recommends protein-rich supplements for this purpose to support muscle building. Further Tips for a healthy nutrition you can read in our guide.

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