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Myxomatosis, also called rabbit plague, is a viral disease and affects almost exclusively rabbits. Hares are usually not susceptible to the disease, which is caused by the myxomatosis virus, which belongs to the pox viruses. The main vectors are blood-sucking and biting insects such as fleas and mosquitoes. The Myxomatose can be transferred however also by infected rabbits.

Symptoms of myxomatosis

The first symptoms of myxomatosis appear only four to ten days after infection. These are inflammations. Swelling of the eyes. As the disease progresses, it can affect the entire head and genital area. Furthermore, fever and respiratory problems can occur, which often brings a food refusal of the rabbit with it. Without treatment, the animals usually die quite quickly completely debilitated.

How to fight myxomatosis?

A treatment of the ill rabbit is often not meaningful in heavy cases, since the animal suffers by the Myxomatose very much. In case of therapy, the animal must be checked several times a day and the treatment adjusted. Thus, infusions serve to stabilize the animal. Various drugs to strengthen the immune system of the rabbit.

Spread the myxomatosis virus through humans to reduce overpopulation. Due to the longevity of the virus, this method was very effective, as the virus can survive for several months under favorable conditions, for example in the feces of rabbits.

China disease

Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD) is a viral disease that only affects rabbits. As with feline rhinitis, the RHD pathogen is a calicivirus. The virus is transmitted directly by infected conspecifics or indirectly by mosquitoes and flies as well as contaminated objects and food.

Symptoms of Chinese disease

In larger herds, the disease is noticeable by sudden death of previously still fit rabbits. The symptoms of RHD are fever, respiratory distress and bleeding from the nose and anus. Also, the rabbit usually stops eating. In less acute forms, the animals have a greater chance of survival.

What can be done against the China disease?

As with myxomatosis, treatment requires intensive medical care. In addition, the rabbit should be sterile. Be kept in quarantine away from conspecifics. All objects should be treated with virucidal disinfectant.

The RHD virus spread rapidly around the world after it was first discovered in China. Therefore, the disease also bears the name China plague.

Vaccination against myxomatosis and Chinese disease

Myxomatosis and chinese disease can be prevented very easily by annual vaccination. On the day of vaccination you profit from particularly favorable vaccination prices with SmartVet.

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