No one is turned away for financial reasons

It offers psychological counseling and psychotherapeutic support to sick people and their relatives in the case of psychological and psychosomatic complaints and in the field of psychooncology. This offer is also valid for children and adolescents.

In the field of psycho-oncology, the Psychosomatic Counseling Center has done pioneering work.

Until 2004 the counseling center belonged to ZIST. Today it is supported by its own association.

Insight into our chronicle.

What we do

Our work is based on the humanistic conception of man, which sees man as a meaning-oriented, creative, self-developing and relationship-oriented being.

It is our concern to integrate cross-school counseling, psychological approaches and current scientific findings on the basis of the humanistic view of humanity.

We aim to activate the natural self-healing powers of the body. The spiritual dimension can be part of the therapeutic process at any time. Due to numerous advanced trainings of our consultants. counselors our work is school-spreading.

They are trained/educated in: Counseling and Coaching, Gestalt Therapy, Depth Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Body Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, Systemic Therapy, Brief Therapy and Spiritual Psychology.

The human being is the center of our work. We use everything we have learned to offer you the best possible support.

We are there for you live, hybrid and online.

Concerns can be

cancer serious illness psychosomatic symptoms loss of physical inversity psychological exhaustion

Burn-out, exhaustion, stress, depression and anxiety

Health maintenance, prevention Conflicts in partnership in the family and at work

Stress on children and adolescents of sick parents

Crisis of meaning Spiritual experience Pain Dying and death

Approaches can be

Relaxation and visualization exercises to mobilize inner forces (z.B.: according to C. Simonton, J. Achterberg, S. Levine)

Perception, breathing and body exercises to release emotions, deepen self-awareness and strengthen body awareness

Body and fantasy journeys Mindfulness exercises

Assisting in the resolution of trauma stored in the body

Constellation work Dialogue with different inner parts Creative expression

Topics may include

Clarification of one's own life situation Discovering inner resources Development of basic trust

Develop new healthy ways of behavior and reaction

Self-discovery Development of creativity and personal expression

Integration of spiritual experiences into everyday life

Questioning the meaning of life Finding your "own song" (LeShan) Developing true self-confidence Self-love / self-empathy Joy in life Forgiveness – finding inner peace

One-on-one consultations can be one-time, involve multiple sessions, or extend into longer follow-ups. Since counseling centers can not bill through the statutory health insurance card, we have to charge fees for our work. Thanks to the subsidies provided by public sponsors, these can be set by you according to your self-assessment between 35 € and 95 €. For some clients with lower incomes there is the possibility of free accompaniment due to additional funds from the endowment fund of the city of Munich. No one is turned away for financial reasons. In addition, part of our work as an outpatient cancer counseling center is funded by the GKV-Spitzenverband and the PKV in accordance with § 65e SGB V (German Social Security Code). Psychosocial counseling for people suffering from cancer. your relatives takes place in this contingent in principle free of charge.


Deep relaxation and imagination are particularly suitable for activating self-healing powers. In order to be able to support you immediately in your recovery process, we have included a very effective deep relaxation which we are happy to offer you FREE OF CHARGE.

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