Not with the feed producer or the veterinarian

Action of our association, which calls for more transparency of the breeding work. The health findings for a breeding confirmation are the most important building block for HEALTHY DOGS.

Our partners for the health assessments are mostly recognized partners of the ACW and/or FCI. In the area of HD/ED/OCD evaluations, eye and heart examinations we use u.a. the chief experts of the VDH/FCI. The DNA deposit of the parents is a basic requirement for a healthy dog breeding. Has been made obligatory by our association as the first breeding association in Germany.
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Health Encyclopedia

Not the feed producer or the veterinarian

We deposit in this homepage area the most important information about the most used abbreviations for health findings and further examination results for dogs. You should use this help evtl. Abbreviations in this Internet offer (in particular the stud book regulations and the breed-specific findings or otherwise) accordingly to assign and also understand can. The constantly growing health lexicon is constantly updated. We therefore ask you to revisit this page from time to time.

Find independent reviewers

Not with the feed producer or the veterinarian

No serious breeding club will presume to evaluate veterinary findings themselves or even to give an expert opinion. Even the own veterinarian is legally often under suspicion of giving so called "favorable evaluations.

We prevent this by using only court-approved experts or at least experts who are recognized by the FCI clubs. Z.B. "GRSK", "DOK", "CCe".V." etc.

In the following section you will find both evaluators and notes and forms.

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Health findings 2022

Not with the feed producer or the veterinarian

The following health findings are listed alphabetically by race. The new health findings contain unconditional prerequisite. Recommendations for a successful ZTP Breeding Fitness Test of the IHV. We carry with the new health requirements of the new animal protection dog regulation. To take into account the latest veterinary findings.

Members of IHV can promptly download the complete brochure of the health findings or. order in print from the federal office. You can download the findings here already now.

We ask you to load the new health requirements always up to date from our homepage. We are currently still working on the corrections of these templates.

The healthy life of our dogs is your responsibility

. Such stupidities and simply devastatingly wrong sayings are owed to long outdated "wisdoms". In the past we did not know better. Today it is the responsibility of us dog owners, whom we trust.

It is up to the dog owner alone to decide whether or not he or she wants to treat it. with an irresponsible castration or sterilization destroys the entire hormonal household of the dog and thus conjures up hundreds of disease and behavior patterns, which he actually does not want at all.

Unknowingly interfering with the dog's hormonal system will shape your dog's future behavioral pattern for the rest of its life.

Please ask your vet if he knows this and is aware of his responsibility.

Go into yourself and question whether the veterinarian is not possibly. only a senseless, avoidable, for the later social interaction evtl. wants to perform a tragic operation, which in the end is only to finance the new Porsche of the veterinarian.

Of course the veterinary surgeon always has the last word. If a castration or sterilization saves the life of your dog, this is indicated and necessary. But not because the male dog shows behavioral problems when the female dog gets hot. By the way, these operations, which are not veterinarily indicated, are forbidden/criminal in the meantime according to the valid animal protection law.

We always advise getting a second opinion from a new vet if you feel you are being ripped off.

You can see from the above example how big the responsibility of the pet owners is. You need to make sure to take good care of your dog and have it looked after.

The dog's diet plays a central role in the dog's health. It is in the hands of the dog owners (not the breeder anymore). The dog owners should be trained to this value-free. Not with the feed producer or the veterinary surgeon, the conspiratorial fan the fresh meat etc.. All these just want to sell you your products.

Please choose value-free seminars. You will find some in our training offer.

The dog's attitude, enough activity, exercise, social bonding, etc., lies only with the dog owner and has central meaning for the health development of your animal.

A dog, which feels well in its environment, its "family", becomes less ill. A dog that can train its muscles, learns endurance and exercise, will naturally develop a better immune system, rarely show heart or respiratory problems.

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