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Losing weight starts in the mind – and therefore offers the Hypnosis a very good Support for weight loss.

For most people, the so-called "yo-yo" effect occurs after a diet, d. h. after a short time they regain the same weight they had before their diet. The reason for this is that they have only fasted or dieted for a certain period of time, but have not changed their eating habits or the patterns of why they eat too much. No pain, no gain! When we change our eating habits, giving our bodies z. B. no longer add sweets or alcohol, then we will no longer feel the need for these foods. Unfortunately, our willpower is usually not enough to give up special things. We want to reward ourselves for successes or, when disappointed, we reach for food or drink to mask our frustrations. It's hard to get out of the vicious circle of food as a substitute satisfaction with diets alone.

Hypnosis fights the cause of your bad eating habits at the root. It serves as a support for your dietary change to ensure a lasting success of your diet. It is a help for self-help, so that you gain quality of life. You must be aware that you also have to actively help to change your eating habits!

Nutrition health weight reduction 2

In most cases, one hypnosis session is sufficient for weight loss; d.h. a session of ca. 3 hours at the price of 550,00 CHF. Here we also discuss your eating habits. Give suggestions for improvement if necessary.

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Notice: The hypnosis sessions with me are expressly no healing promises. It does not replace consultation with a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist, if necessary. Physical and psychological illnesses must be clarified with a specialist before the session with me. I do not make a diagnosis. Hypnotherapy is a help for self-help.

If you need accompaniment in your weight reduction, we offer:

Package for weight reduction

So that you do not feel left alone when losing weight – because despite hynosis you must change your diet or dietary habits. Change food intake – I offer you the following program as an alternative or in addition to the hypnosis session:

You support your weight reduction by one fasting day a week. Medical studies have shown that one day of fasting per week leads to a medium-term, permanent weight reduction and also increases the physical well-being.

The program I offer includes one hypnosis session per week to support your fasting day for a period of 3 months. So you have the certainty that you really keep the regular weekly fasting day.

As a package I offer this program for the price of 1.890,00 CHF for 3 months. After that you can extend monthly if you wish until you reach your desired weight.

I quote here the experience of Dr. Walser, Zurich:

" Regular short fasting brings "guaranteed" weight loss!

In recent times, fasting, particularly short fasts – d.h. Only eat nothing solid for 24 to a maximum of 72 hours and drink only calorie-free beverages – even in the rather conservative "orthodox medicine" an actual revival. With this shortness of the fasting period one avoids many strong side effects of the longer nothing-eating, like the overacidification of the joints (with gout attacks as extreme) or the constipation and also the subsequent yo-yo effect, which hardly occurs with regular short fasts. The short fasting is – as it has been tried and tested many times in my family practice – quite easy to realize and usually socially acceptable. For this purpose, always take the day of the week on which you usually have the fewest invitations: for example, every Thursday. Of course, it is also possible to weave in a milder form: as a fruit day, i.e. eating only fruits for a whole day. The healing aspects of short fasting have been rediscovered in oncology (tumor therapy) to improve and modulate the immune system before chemotherapies. The positive result, briefly outlined, consists of more effect of the drugs against the cancer with less side effects on other body cells! Repeated short-term fasting leads to "cellular suicide" of cancer cells! In recent studies, it is found that repeated shorter fasts are more effective and practical than long-term fasts. Fasting triggers a kind of cellular stress. In healthy cells, this leads to reactions that protect against damage caused by oxygen radicals. Such molecules are produced more often during hunger. However, their production is also stimulated by many chemotherapeutic agents (drugs against cancer). Is considered the main cause of their strong side effects. 24 to 72 hours fasting before chemotherapy apparently prepares normal body cells well for high concentrations of oxygen radicals. You are therefore more able to defend yourself against the aggressive molecules. Cancer cells, on the other hand, are hardly capable of triggering these protective mechanisms. You even make plenty of additional aggressive molecules yourself. This then leads to them ultimately committing "cellular suicide"!. This effect can be used now also for everyone as simple improvement of the defense with recurring infections of various causes. Then also to the "metabolism shake" and as a turnaround in serious diseases, such as diabetes (here also helps the simultaneous weight loss), in chronic pain conditions (v.a. also by inflammations (rheumatism suffering) however finally also to the simple and very effective decreasing!"

Here is mine Nutritional tips for a healthy diet, which also includes suitable for losing weight is:

1. Eat a predominantly alkaline diet. The alkaline diet is a healthy diet that helps the body to come into balance – even if you are not overweight. Here are some book recommendations:

2. Anything that does not contain sugar is suitable as a drink. If possible, drink only clear water or tea. Green tea is very recommendable, which even – in connection with sport – supports the diet respectively. Promotes the reduction of abdominal fat.

An American study showed that regular drinking of green tea in combination with running training reduces body weight by almost 30 percent. The belly fat portion sank even around whole 36,6 per cent. This mode of action was completely independent of the other diet. Scientists found that green tea combined with running training changes energy metabolism and reduces the formation of new fat cells.

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