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Welcome to PIMA – the health guardians in Cologne! Your on-site company physicians and safety specialists Comprehensive occupational medical and safety care is the basis of healthy employees in the company and begins with a fixed and reliable contact person on site.

We at PIMA are your partner for occupational medicine, occupational safety, health management and prevention and offer you support and full-service solutions for all ies relating to the health of your company and your employees in Cologne and the surrounding area. Our Cologne-based team of company physicians, medical assistants, occupational safety specialists, health managers and office staff work together in an interdisciplinary manner to ensure the highest level of quality and to meet your expectations for effective health care and safety at work. We have made it our business to combine personal consultation with modern technology and thus to live up to modern occupational safety and health standards.

Employers based in Germany are obliged to ensure the occupational health and safety of their employees and to appoint company doctors and safety specialists for this purpose.

– Interdisciplinary team of experts – Direct from Cologne

– Fair prices with high quality – legal security and reliability

– Regional and supraregional representation – experience in all industries

occupational health care pima health group


Contact and appointment requests in the practice:

[email protected] Hermann-Heinrich-Gossen Strabe 3, 50858 Cologne Opening hours: Mon – Fri from 08:00 – 16:30 Route planner

Occupational medicine gem. §§2,3 ASIG and DGUV regulation 2

Good occupational health care is the basis of healthy employees in the company

Our company physicians and specialists will be happy to advise you on all topics relating to occupational health and safety and will carry out the relevant occupational medical check-ups at your company. Occupational medicine as a preventive medical discipline includes health. Illness of a person in the working world. Beyond the actual world of work, however, the focus is also on influencing factors that result from the interrelationships of the individual worlds of work and life.

The focus is on:

– risk assessment of working conditions – prevention, detection, treatment and assessment of work- and environment-related risk factors, diseases and occupational illnesses – prevention of work-related health hazards, including individual and occupational health counseling – prevention of aggravation and accident hazards and – occupational rehabilitation.

Our teams of experts provide support and relief for employers and employees in matters relating to occupational and environmental diagnostics and therapy, rehabilitation that promotes work and employability, and insurance-related medical ies. PIMA is based on a holistic view of the working person, taking into account physical, psychological and social processes, and guarantees both legal security and entrepreneurial progress at the same time. Occupational medicine is, in addition to occupational safety. Workplace health promotion is one of the three pillars of workplace health management.

Occupational safety according to. §§2,3 ASIG and DGUV regulation 2

Good technical safety support is the basis for the protection of employees in the company

Occupational safety provides support and relief for employers and employees from a technical point of view. Along with occupational medicine, it is an elementary component of occupational health and safety and a guarantor of technical safety in the company.

Inspections, advice on setting up the company's occupational safety organization, and participation in occupational safety committee meetings are among the most important basic tasks that an occupational safety specialist performs for you in accordance with the German Occupational Safety Act as part of basic supervision. The tasks listed in Section 3 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act also apply to occupational safety as a standard. The same fixed operating times apply for implementation, which are staggered according to three care groups, as in occupational medicine.

Operational peculiarities and hazards that lead to an increased need for care (for example, the new establishment of workplaces) create a need for company-specific care. When agreeing on the deployment time, the operational peculiarities must be adequately taken into account and individually determined.

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