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The psychological telephone consultation is optimal for you, if you would like to talk at short notice with an understanding and technically competent person. Another advantage of talking on the phone is anonymity. So you can talk to me about ies that are otherwise difficult to express. This is primarily a matter of coming to terms with and overcoming personal as well as social conflicts outside of the medical profession.

Topics for telephone counseling

As different as people are, as different are the concerns for a telephone consultation.

The topics for telephone counseling are very diverse. Some people wish for a neutral listener in order to open up and to be able to talk about their problems in peace and quiet. Other people are in a crisis. Are looking for solutions. Furthermore, I have clients who do not have the time to come to my practice. These clients use my offer for psychological telephone counseling for a steady accompaniment.

Possible topics for psychological telephone counseling are, for example, acute crises in relationships. These include problems in partnerships, with children and adolescents, and bullying at work.

But even if you have lost a loved one or your pet, it is good to talk about the loss with someone who understands. On the page Grief counseling after bereavement you will find more information.

Are you currently searching for the meaning of life?? Telephone counseling is also available for this topic.

Telephone consultation is also suitable for people suffering from the Messie / Horter – syndrome. If you are affected by it, it is surely easier for you to open up in the protection of anonymity.

Do you have a handicap that would make it difficult for you to come to my practice?? Then you can benefit from my offer. You can talk to me on the phone from the comfort of your own home and talk about your thoughts.

Short introduction of my person:

To give you a better impression of me, I would like to introduce myself with a short video:

My goal is that you feel strong and full of vitality again after our telephone consultation. Together we can work out concrete and life-like solutions for your individual situation.

What are the advantages of a telephone consultation??

Often, those seeking help are unable to visit a practice in person for a variety of reasons. In this case, telephone counseling is the best option, because Telephone consultation – Coaching is possible both in direct dialog (in my practice in Dresden) and as a psychological counseling session on the phone.

Telephone consultation is optimal if you want to talk to a professional consultant without long waiting times. On the phone, you can speak anonymously and from your personal Feel-good place Talking about your problems. This will probably even make it easier for you to open up. It is no visit to the practice is necessary, that means no additional time and costs for you.
Another advantage for you is that neither employers, nor health insurance companies are informed about the treatment. My offer can Germany-wide be used.

Please note: During telephone counseling, only life counseling and crises can be discussed. Unfortunately, psychotherapy is not possible during a telephone consultation. In case of emergency please call 112 or 116117!

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