Optimal coverage with the kfz schutzbrief from da direkt

Safely on the road throughout EuropeWhether you're on vacation or on a business trip – with the car insurance policy from DA Direkt, we'll help you immediately in the event of an emergency. In case of breakdown, accident or an illness on vacation we are there for you. You can reach our emergency service around the clock, 365 days a year. By the way: Stiftung Warentest has named our motor vehicle insurance the test winner¹. You too can benefit from the protection letter of the test winner.

Optimum cover with the da direkt car insurance policy

Requirements for the motor vehicle protection letter

DA Direkt offers the motor vehicle insurance policy at a low cost. You can only take out the contract for the cover letter with the car insurance at DA Direkt. In addition, your car must not be more than twelve years old when you take out the cover.

DA Direkt motor vehicle cover: the benefits in detail

The kfz schutzbrief is a useful addition to your car insurance policy. Here you can read what our current car cover includes throughout Europe.

– Cost absorption in the event of a breakdown or accident

The car insurance policy includes these services:

– Your vehicle is restored to driving condition at the scene of the accident (up to a maximum of 150 euros). – The breakdown service will recover your vehicle. – The breakdown service tows your vehicle (up to a maximum of 200 euros). – You need a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired (maximum seven days and maximum 50 euros per day). – Transport costs for necessary spare parts are covered.

– Cost absorption in case of illness

DA Direkt will pay for the following costs:

– Your return journey if you break off the trip – The return transport of your vehicle to your home country – Overnight stays until the return journey (maximum 3 overnight stays up to 100 euros per person and maximum 600 euros per day) – Travel costs for the replacement driver – Return journey of your children

– Loan in the event of unforeseen additional costs

If additional unexpected costs arise in the event of a claim abroad, we will grant you a loan of up to 1.500 Euro.

– Roadside assistance

If your car is unroadworthy after an accident or breakdown, we assign a reputable towing service near your location. We provide you with a rental car and settle directly with the car rental company.

– Organization and mediation

With a car insurance policy we support you with the following organizational ies:

– Assistance in special emergencies – bring back your children up to 16 years together with an accompanying person – replace travel documents – replace means of payment abroad – all authority formalities abroad, if your vehicle is scrapped locally – order medicines which are not available abroad – transport the recovered vehicle from abroad back to your home country and settle it directly – declare your vehicle – travel recall by radio – transfer of fatally injured persons

We will arrange for you if necessary a Translation assistance for negotiations abroad – for example with doctors, police or authorities. If necessary, we will also tell you:

– Name and address of a German-speaking lawyer abroad – Address of the German embassy in the country of travel – Telephone number and address of a recommendable hotel in your vicinity

Protection letter, mobility guarantee or automobile club – these are the differences

"What is a car insurance policy?" and "What does a car insurance cover??"These are questions we often hear from novice drivers and other motorists. Many people are also unclear why a letter of protection is necessary with an existing car insurance policy and how it differs from a mobility guarantee or membership of an automobile club.

According to the definition, the car protection letter is a term from the insurance industry. Mostly it is a Additional benefit to the car insurance or integrated in their services. Unlike vehicle insurance, it covers more than just the costs in the event of a claim: The benefits of the Motor vehicle protection briefs also include towing, organizing a rental car and advice.

Some car manufacturers offer a your own mobility guarantee if you buy a new car. This means that if your car breaks down, the manufacturer will arrange for it to be towed away and you will receive a replacement vehicle. In comparison the protection cover offers far more benefits – and can therefore complement your existing mobility guarantee very well.

Also compared to the membership in an automobile club like the ADAC or AvD, the Schutzbrief is advantageous: It is much cheaper, because you save unnecessary and overpriced services like member magazines. You benefit from useful services. A good price-performance ratio.

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