Parts cleaner hire health-friendly and effective mewa system

Practical, environment- and health-friendly – our system for parts cleaningConnection, regular refilling of cleaning fluid, filter change, free replacement of wear parts, repair of technical faults within 24 hours – all included.

More work safety

Environmentally friendly, health-friendly, compliant with all VOC guidelines – you can count on it.


Always ready for use, no need to reorder and store cleaning fluid, optimal working conditions at all times – it couldn't be more convenient.

With the MEWA system for parts cleaning, you can sit back and relax. Changing filters, refilling the cleaning fluid or replacing wearing parts are now yesterday's problems.

Renting works very simply and offers you lots of advantages: After the initial delivery of the MEWA BIO-CIRCLE parts cleaner, a MEWA service employee takes the brush wash stand into operation at your site, explains its use and functionality to you. At the agreed maintenance interval, we then perform an all-round service on the device. The cleaning fluid is brought to the optimum level, the filters are changed. We replace wear parts free of charge – if necessary, the technology is replaced within 24 hours. This ensures optimal cleaning performance at all times, you have no maintenance work and your staff can work reliably.

Parts cleaner hire health-friendly and effective mewa system

Parts cleaner MEWA BIO-CIRCLE – Brush washstands for rent

Hire parts cleaner health-friendly and effective mewa system

Your MEWA added value

Parts cleaner hire health-friendly and effective mewa system

Why you should rent company textiles? Because procurement, fetching, bringing, washing, care and replacement is included.

Hire parts cleaner health-friendly and effective mewa system

Textile management from a professional. Rely on our certified products and services.

Hire parts cleaners health-friendly and effective mewa system

Our product development department and our technical center work tirelessly on new ideas and solutions. Washing and fabric tests, tear tests – MEWA stands for quality and this is what we work on every day.

Customer opinion

The employees were very skeptical at first. Now they don't want to give up the washbasin.

Parts cleaner hire health friendly and effective mewa system

High quality additional items for your parts cleaner

In our store you can directly buy the powerful MEWA Eco Force as well as further articles for professional cleaning. An advantage from which all our MEWA customers benefit.

Ask& Answers to the MEWA service system for parts cleaning

"What is an environmentally and employee friendly alternative to cold cleaners?" "Can a BIO-CIRCLE washbasin burn?" "Are trainees also allowed to operate the washstand?" With the brush wash tables in the MEWA system for parts cleaning, you clean small parts quickly and effectively. MEWA BIO-CIRCLE is the harmless. Environmentally friendly way for your parts cleaning. Convenient to use, it offers excellent cleaning performance. Thanks to the proven MEWA service, your unit will always be in working order. We do not leave quality to chance, but implement it consistently. Just as our textiles always undergo a multi-stage quality control, your parts cleaner is also maintained and adjusted by us at fixed test intervals as part of the rental process. We also replace brushes and filters and refill the cleaning liquid for you! The MEWA BIO-CIRCLE works with cleaning fluid based on natural microorganisms that biodegrade fats and oils, ensuring consistently high cleaning performance over the long term. The liquid is free of solvents and thus helps to meet the high requirements of the solvent ordinance (DE: 31. BlmSchV, AU: VOC plant ordinance – VAV) to be complied with. VOC-free liquids, unlike solvents, do not pose any fire hazard. Thus your washstand can be safely placed anywhere without hesitation. To be served also by apprentices.

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