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Your specialized marketing agency for the healthcare industryUnleash your potential with clear messaging, a strong website and active online presence.

gets to the heart of how you enrich the lives of your target groups.

shows your strengths, inspires prospects and simplifies your marketing.

A successful marketing system is created on the basis of your website.


get to the heart of how you enrich the lives of your target groups.


shows your strengths, inspires prospects and simplifies your marketing.


A successful marketing system is created on the basis of your website.

The healthcare industry is particularly.

Products and services in the healthcare industry are almost always closely linked to people's lives or quality of life.

The Interaction of the players is complex and in most areas there are extensive legal requirements, restrictions and constant change. In short, day-to-day business is full of administrative processes that eat up capacity. In many companies there is therefore hardly any time to build up a marketing system suitable for everyday use. Yet this would be so important to take advantage of the many opportunities.

PortaWell is specialized

Intensive networking within the healthcare industry

More than 20 years in the health industry

Valuable transfer knowledge and many long-term customers

Noticeable relief in the cooperation

Take advantage of your opportunities!

The industry is developing rapidly. Targeted action is required to build and sustain a strong presence with relevant target groups. An outdated website makes this more difficult or impossible.

Start now.

Working with PortaWell is that easy.

Arrange an initial consultation

We work with you to define your specific marketing challenge.

Receive proposal

After the first meeting, you will receive a free proposal that is a perfect fit. Here's how you can see in practice how we can support your success.

Simply start

Within a few weeks you will have a marketing system optimized for your business and unleash your growth potential.

Current projects

The radiologists in Mainz

4 diagnostic locations with 2 additional nuclear medicine specialties

Endocrinology Dr. Wael Omran

The practice website was created in a new design. Analogous to the premises, the homepage was also adapted. Here is a highly qualified practice team on blood-. Specialized in cancer diseases as well as tumor diseases.

Marketing with system

The key to sustainable growth

Why marketing with a system is so important for sustainable growth?

Marketing is still too often associated with "advertising" in the health care industry equated. Unfortunately, this is not only wrong, but also fatal in consequence. Marketing has a positive shaping function in the direction of self-image, addressing employees, formulating and visualizing the company's orientation, performance communication and many other tasks.

Marketing plays a decisive role in ensuring that the entire company is perceived coherently and comprehensibly, both internally and externally.

Marketing without a system is at best the stringing together of island events. They may or may not fit by chance.

Marketing with a system means being able to communicate successfully in every phase of customer contact.

Arouse interest. Building trust. Developing customers into true fans.

Is the development of a powerful marketing system associated with a lot of effort?

One of our Core Values is to be responsible at all times with our customers' time as well as that of our team. Working time is living time.

As a matter of principle, we therefore keep the effort on the customer side as low as possible. Here we are helped by many years of experience. Extensive industry knowledge. A further relief comes from the structured and at any time well-documented preparation and follow-up of discussions – in every phase of the cooperation. One of the greatest time savings you will experience is through our editorial support. Often a few keywords are enough to get target group oriented texts.

On the basis of an existing target group strategy, you should start to build up the marketing system with ca. Calculate 12-16 hours of personal effort – spread over a period of 8-12 weeks.

Is a modern website enough to be successful on the web??

A modern and efficient website is the indispensable prerequisite for a successful presence on the web.

Which channels you should still use sensibly based on your target groups and messages is also the result of a well thought-out online marketing strategy. However, content is much more important than additional channels. The formats how the content is best transported. We also advise you on these questions in such a way that you have templates ready for decision-making.

Why even a new website must be continuously developed and optimized?

Basically, we are dealing with at least three important developments on the web:

1. Technological development – rapid and complex

2. The user behavior – more and more and more intensive

3. The changing preferences of Google – only partly predictable and always good for a surprise.

If we look at just these three central developments, the question is clearly answered. If you don't continuously develop and optimize, you're going to fall short.

How does the performance of PortaWell support the daily business??

To the point: maximally relieving and economical. Our goal is to make health easier for our customers. Our customers should be able to concentrate as best as possible on their actual service: Health! Whether as a doctor. As a laboratory. As a pharmaceutical company.

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