Practical magic cartomancers and psychics in hamburg

Mysterious rituals, mantics, cartomancers, clairvoyants, fortune tellers show the lines of fate and help Hamburgers master the present and future.But there is the magical Hamburg: card readers, clairvoyants, witches, mantics, astrologers and mysterious phenomena. The guild does not necessarily work in. More Hamburgers than you think consult them. Among them are also managers, self-employed and celebrities. The branch is secretive and discreet.

Practical Magic – witches, spells, magic in Eppendorf

For more than 16 years Meike and Florian Menzel their witch store in the Eppendorfer Landstrabe. They have everything for wirkunsvolle spells, energitische ingredients, the individual ritual need and handmade witch spells. Online and in her store you can find everything that helps to make wishes or goals come true or to lift negative energy fields. In addition talismans, wish powders, love spells in manual work, which are manufactured in ideal moon phases.

Practical Magic
Eppendorfer Landstrabe 92, 20249 Hamburg Eppendorf Opening hours: Thu. – Sa. 11:00 – 19:00

The fortune teller Gloria Heilmann von Bergen

Fortune telling comes from 'telling the truth. Gloria Heilmann from Bergen trusts as a fortune teller in the magic of the cards. The cards show the fate line. Make them perceptible. you with the fortune telling the mystical. Involves the person seeking help through a targeted dialogue. Gloria is a woman who knows how to impress.

The cartomancer Gloria Heilmann Adenauerallee 8, 20097 Hamburg St. George, telephone: 040-24 66 22 Appointments by arrangement

Tarot cards make the fate visible picture of voyancecam on Pixabay

The two mantics: Kirsten and S. ROE Buchholzers draw on old knowledge

Kirsten and S. ROE Buchholzer are consultants with many years of training, practical experience and multiple examinations. They work with astrology, oracle cards and tarot. They are consulted when one has to cope with complicated situations or faces important decisions in all walks of life. This gives security. Both are as mentors. Examiner of the Tarot e.V.V. entitled to take its association examination and the Hamburg contact point of the association.

The art of the future interpretation – the Mantiker An der Feldmark 1, 22527 Hamburg Eidelstedt Dates after agreement

The clairvoyant and fortune teller Sabina Nora Heinsohn

Accompanied since her childhood Sabina Nora Heinsohn the gift of clairvoyance and fortune telling. She came in contact with tarot cards at the age of 21 and still uses them to receive images from the past, present and future, combine them seerically and turn them into insightful honest advice.

Besides tarot cards she uses the pendulum the tensor, angel and Indian power cards.

The Kartenlegerin Sabina Nora Heinsohn from Wedel dates after agreement, gladly by E-Mail. Daily until 21.00 o'clock. Flexible availability at weekends.00 o'clock and on weekends flexibly attainable. Phone 04103 1894377

The medium and the clairvoyant Natalie Dell

Since their childhood Natalie Dell the knowledge that there are also other, extrasensory worlds. When she was 14-16 years young, she had extraordinary dreams about the future. The skill she has inherited from her grandmother and great-grandmother. Her grandmother passed on her ancient knowledge. For herself she has acquired her own knowledge and observations in the field of parapsychology such as interpretation of fate and energy work.

Natalie Dell's vocation is destiny interpretation and energy work. Until 16. In the first year of her life she lived in a small town near Novosibirsk in Siberia. The Altai and Siberia are not only mystical landscapes, here are also many real healers, magicians, shamans and prophets at home.

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