Practice pharmacy advertising legally compliant and effective use

Media and marketing for healthcare providers

How health care professionals use advertising in a legally compliant yet effective way

Advertising is a special challenge for healthcare providers. Because in contrast to many other economic sectors, the advertising possibilities of health care professionals are clearly restricted by professional code of conduct and industry-specific regulations.

Not only the law against unfair competition must be observed, but also the Heilmittelwerbegesetz (law on advertising of medicinal products) as well as the rules of professional conduct of medical and pharmacy associations. As far as the most important legal regulations. In addition, advertising was not common or even prohibited in the healthcare sector. Until the year 2000, doctors were subject to a total ban on advertising. The free spaces opening since then are still strange to many. Read more

Marketing in the health industry

Nevertheless, of course, in principle all established Doctors and physicians, the very most Dental practices and Pharmacies Advertising measures to position yourself in the public – even if it is only the individually designed appointment slip!

Practice pharmacy advertising in a legally compliant and effective manner

However, our experience shows that the existing possibilities – apart from naturally existing and often successful exceptions – are not generally used in the necessary width, depth and length implemented or measures not consistently targeted are. An example: it is quite possible to drive once with a hot air balloon including advertising banner over your city. And certainly such an action is seen also by many people. But does a single balloon flight with advertising banners have a lasting effect or does it fizzle out ineffectively? Your action will be recognized by your patients or customers. Many will even remember it on their next visit. But your gain is likely to be zero.

Let's take a closer look at this example:

Practice pharmacy advertising in a legally compliant and effective manner

Width would be for example

You offer a few balloon flights over your community during the summer vacations for everyone who stays at home. Whoever paints the most beautiful "aerial" picture of your community gets to participate. Incoming images are posted in the doctor's office or pharmacy, on your website, and on social media for rating purposes. The whole thing is advertised with newspaper advertisements in the apron, in the follow-up a newspaper report follows. A short video is then created about each flight, which can be seen on YouTube as well as on your website and promoted on social media.

Practice pharmacy advertising legally conformal and effectively use

Depth would be for example

A nice video is created about each flight, which can be seen on YouTube, on the website and – if available – on practice TV or in the pharmacy display window and is promoted in the social media. From a selection of the best drawings, a picture book with photos and signatures of the artists is created, which also presents the pharmacy or practice. This is officially presented to the participants. And with the best 13 pictures (12 months plus title page) the next annual calendar of the pharmacy or practice is created, which is given away to all customers.

Practice pharmacy advertising legally compliant and effective use

Length would be for example

When it comes to events themselves, every year you think of something similar to generate curiosity and attention over and over again.

For example, the campaign with the balloon can be repeated every year. The pharmacy – with practices this does not go – changes its name to "rainbow pharmacy" with a balloon as logo. Give-away is a matter of course: balloons with logo. There is a voucher booklet in balloon form on free and sight-dial sales. If it is filled in, there is a balloon ride for it. This balloon should carry then however also the Logo of the pharmacy.

You will see how the simple idea of a balloon ride can very quickly become a marketing vision. You feel like creating your own marketing vision? Then we suggest a first phone call, which can often already lead to amazing ideas.. Your callback request on the topic of marketing vision

Whether a marketing vision can become reality depends on several conditions. Our marketing example with the balloon ride, for example, only makes sense if there is a balloon launch site nearby. In addition, at least one person in the pharmacy or practice should be "on fire" for the topic of ballooning, otherwise the campaign is hardly feasible and not authentic. In addition, it must of course be examined whether an action can be financed at all.

Generalizing, then, it can be said: For a marketing vision to become reality, at least three conditions must be in place.

1. Financing 2. The factual feasibility 3. Enthusiasm for the topic

BGH: No gifts for prescription drugs

With its decision in summer 2019, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe has significantly restricted the advertising options of pharmacies. According to the ruling (AZ: I ZR 206/17 and I ZR 60/18), pharmacies may not distribute gifts to customers who fill a prescription for competitive reasons. The ban does not apply to other customers. Why do doctors realize. pharmacists such concepts so rarely?For pharmacies and practices, however, the implementation of a marketing vision is difficult for another reason: In the daily work routine, there are too many other things to do for owners or proprietors to be able to continuously take care of advertising strategies and attention-grabbing campaigns. The consequence: An essential prerequisite for any economic success is missing. You can be successful as a doctor or pharmacist without a marketing vision, but many opportunities are missed without a marketing vision:

– Familiarity facilitates the search for employees. The practice or pharmacy operation becomes significantly more relaxed for the entire team. – Prominence, however, also strengthens the customer or patient base. Pharmacies and practices with a good reputation attract more customers and patients. Strengthens sales. A joint project strengthens the team. Promotes the joy of work. This in turn is also transferred to patients or customers. – Attention-grabbing medical practices and pharmacies always provide talking points – even in day-to-day operations. This promotes the mood in the team. With customers or patients. The work is simply more fun.

You want to check which marketing visions are feasible for you? Then get in touch with us. Your inquiry: Development of a marketing vision

Practice pharmacy advertising in a legally compliant and effective manner

In any case, it has been proven by many examples that the value of pharmacies and medical practices can be significantly increased with a consistently implemented marketing and positioning strategy. However, this not only strengthens the economic power, but also lays an important foundation for a later sale of the practice or pharmacy. Because potential successors are making increasingly higher demands on Medical practices and Pharmacies, offered for takeover.

The expectations of potential successors can be met much more easily if the property for sale has good Economic key figures can show. Of course, well-performing practices achieve. High-turnover pharmacies also significantly higher sales prices.

If, on the other hand, the requirements of possible successors cannot be met, doctors and pharmacists who want to retire are often left with no option but to close down without sales proceeds – with all the negative consequences for their retirement.

However, it is not only pharmacists and physicians who suffer: In rural areas in particular, closing a practice because no successor has been found can mean the end of the last remaining medical care. The same applies to pharmacies. And relying on that Municipality no one can afford to be.

Online marketing for the healthcare industry

Nowadays, limiting yourself to the classic advertising formats such as flyers, customer letters and advertisements is no longer enough. While all of these formats still have their justification, of course, their reach and relevance have diminished due to the digitalization of society and the associated changes in media use. This is why online marketing is almost always an indispensable part of positioning strategies and customer approaches. This is all the more true if younger people are also to be won over, whether as customers or patients or as employees. More

Practice pharmacy advertising in a legally compliant and effective mannerWhere to find your website?

If friends, patients and customers are surprised that your practice or pharmacy is also present on the Internet, then something is wrong with your homepage. And this would certainly not be an isolated case. Many websites, even if they are professionally designed, generate little or no response. The cause is often a deficient search engine optimization – also called search engine optimization (SEO). So if you have an insufficient response despite interesting content, you should supplement your presence with systematic SEO marketing. More

Whoever searches the Internet should find you

Many people search for medical information on the Internet. With a well-adjusted search engine advertising (SEA), your advertisements appear to these Internet users, especially if they live near you. In this way, the global network can be used for targeted advertising without scattering losses, which otherwise always occur on the Internet, but also with print advertising. Our network can recommend experts who can set up such targeted advertising for you. More

Social media marketing for the healthcare industry

A special form of online marketing is the so-called social media marketing. This is where popular social media is used to draw attention to your own company – for example, your medical practice, dental office, pharmacy or medical supply store. For dentists in particular, but also for pharmacies, this can be a very promising tool, because with these media marketing activities can be targeted locally, so that proximity combined with awareness and sympathy becomes a real competitive advantage over competitors. More dentists / More pharmacies

Social media has the advantage that you can get in touch with your target group without much effort. Because unlike advertisements in daily newspapers or banner ads, proper communication is possible in social media. In concrete terms, this means that the people you are addressing can respond directly. Instead of one-sided communication, for example in the case of advertisements in print media, a polyphonic communication develops in social media. The fact that you maintain this very customer-oriented communication can bring you further sympathy. Finally, as a healthcare provider, you show that you have an open ear for people's wishes, opinions and needs. In this way, especially – but not only – young people can be addressed.

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