Psychosomatic abdominal pain symptoms treatment

Psychosomatic abdominal pain: what to do when stress hits the stomach? Our contents are pharmaceutical. Medically tested.

Abdominal pain is stressful for affected persons. You feel especially helpless when no physical causes are found for problems in the gut. The cause often lies in the psyche. How psychosomatic abdominal pain can be recognized and which therapies help, you can learn here.

In this article you will learn:

What psychosomatic abdominal pain is
What the word "psychosomatic" means
How the psyche affects the intestine
Whether psychosomatic abdominal pain is a disease
How dangerous psychosomatic abdominal pain is
What are the symptoms of psychosomatic abdominal pain?
How psychosomatic abdominal pain can be treated
How psychosomatic abdominal pain manifests itself in children
What consequences untreated psychosomatic stomach pain can have
What you should do in case of psychosomatic abdominal pain

What is psychosomatic abdominal pain? Influence physical. Psychological factors on each other have. Is the Cause for your abdominal pain psychosomatically conditioned, this means for you in the first place, that you literally listen to your gut feeling and should take a step back.

Read on to learn how you can tell if the reason for your stomach pain is psyche and what the typical causes for psychosomatic abdominal pain are. In addition, we tell you what you can do to relieve your discomfort and calm your stressed belly.

Medical definition of "psychosomatic

Psychosomatic disorder is the generic term for diseases for which it is amed that symptomatology, cause of disease (Etiology), maintenance and therapy of the physical disease by psychological and physical (somatic) factors are shaped. For a psychosomatic disorder, multidisciplinary diagnosis and therapy are usually considered necessary.

Causes: How the psyche affects the intestines?

The causes of psychosomatic complaints, as the name suggests, lie in the psyche. Triggers are in most cases Stress, prere and excessive demands, but also Anxiety, grief, lovesickness and other psychological conflicts come as Cause of psychosomatic abdominal pain in question. Perhaps you are also one of the affected people, with whom nervousness or stress – for example before an important exam, a job interview or a first date – is enough to trigger the physical pain in the gastrointestinal tract.

Are psychosomatic abdominal pain a disease?

Abdominal pain itself is not a disease, but a symptom. Symptoms can be signs of a disease, for example, a psychosomatic disease. The Irritable stomach, called functional dyspepsia in specialist circles, can also be of psychosomatic origin, among other things, and trigger abdominal pain. Other symptoms of irritable stomach include heartburn, acid regurgitation, nausea and loss of appetite.

The diagnosis is made by a doctor only when physical causes for your intestinal complaints can be completely ruled out and the illness is purely functional. Irritable stomach, or. in technical language the functional dyspepsia, is not the only possible cause of psychosomatic stomach pain. Also mental illnesses like depression or anxiety disorders can trigger pain in the gastrointestinal tract. Cause of an aching belly -. After all, we all have it once. However, if your abdominal pain persists for a long time, you should see a doctor who will examine you and clarify why your abdomen feels so stressed.

Are psychosomatic abdominal pains dangerous?

Psychosomatic abdominal pain is not dangerous not dangerous for the body, but can affect your severely impair quality of life and have psychosocial consequences have. Restrictions such as frequent or persistent pain and discomfort in the intestinal tract can sometimes put you at risk of depression or social phobias, losing friendships or even your job. Therefore, it is important that you and your stomach are treated even if no physical cause can be found for your abdominal pain.

How can you recognize that your abdominal pain has psychological causes??

Typical for psychosomatically caused abdominal pain resp. Stomach pain is that still other symptoms show. These include:

– Dizziness – Diarrhea – Nausea – Palpitations – Concentration disorders – Ringing in the ears – Depression – Anxiety disorders

To distinguish psychosomatic abdominal pain from abdominal pain caused by a wrong diet or a physical illness is not easy for the layman. It can be helpful if you take a so-called "Stomach pain diary" keep a diary in which you record in which situations and at what times the abdominal pain occurred, what you ate and how you feel in general.

If you are under a lot of stress, have just experienced a breakup, the loss of a loved one or a job, or have to face an exam situation, the cause of your abdominal pain is with high probability not only in the body, but also in the brain.

The more information you can give your doctor about your abdominal pain and the accompanying circumstances, the easier it will be for him to make the right diagnosis and to find a suitable treatment for you suitable treatment and therapy Initiate.

Therapy and treatment: What to do against psychosomatic abdominal pain?

Psychosomatic abdominal pain can be easily controlled by. Stresses. cope better with stress. For example, a psychotherapist can help you in a Behavioral therapy tell you how to cope with psychological stress in a different way so that it no longer limits your life. By being mindful of your body, you can better channel stress so that the body no longer steers directly into pain on autopilot mode.

In a conversation with your therapist, you will find out the Causes for your stress and learn to resolve the ies that are causing you abdominal. This may include, for example, changing your life circumstances or discovering relaxation techniques that can help you to actively combat the psychological causes of the abdominal pain let.

therapy helps to learn relaxation techniques and to find out the causes of psychosomatic stomach pain.


Exercises for Relaxation and light sport have proven effective for abdominal pain caused by psychosomatic conditions. To relieve your pain in the gastrointestinal tract, you can try yoga or tai chi, for example.

Also meditation or the Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen can help you to get rid of your psychosomatic abdominal pain permanently. You are primarily aiming at, relieve your stress – the psychosomatically caused abdominal pain will then disappear naturally on its own over time. In this case, healing simply starts in the brain.


abdominal pain caused by the psyche can also be treated with medicines. The active ingredient butylscopolaminium bromide has an antispasmodic effect on your stomach and intestines.

Butylscopolaminium bromide Also helps if you have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome or irritable stomach syndrome. Medicines containing the active ingredient butylscopolaminium bromide are available over the counter in pharmacies in the form of coated tablets or suppositories. Medication only treats the symptoms – not the cause.

Nevertheless, the use can be useful, because the Pain in itself another stress factor The pain, which can often severely limit the quality of life of people affected by it, can.


You can also try to treat psychosomatic stomach pain with home remedies to fight. In this case, everything that is easy on the stomach and relaxes it is recommended.

A hot water bottle on your stomach, a warm bath, a gentle stomach massage, or a cup of herbal or ginger tea can help calm your tense stomach. Besides that you should pay attention to, to sleep sufficiently and less alcohol or fatty food to take to you.

Psychosomatic abdominal pain in children

Children can also suffer from abdominal pain, for which No physical causes let them find. They should definitely be treated, so that the complaints do not become chronic after some time.

Children need fast action for psychosomatic stomach aches – and lots of affection!


Also stress can affect children's stomach and psyche. The causes can, for example, be Excessive demands at school lie, in internal as well as external prere to perform, in Anxiety in front of classmates, because they Bullying are exposed, or also in particularly strict teachers.

Does your child in particular complain in the morning before school About tummy aches that go away when allowed to stay at home, the pain is most likely psychosomatic in origin.

Treatment of psychosomatic abdominal pain in children

If your child is being bullied at school or is overtaxed due to prere to perform, you should first check the talk with your child and then dialogue with his teachers to solve the existing problems. If the causes of your child's prere, stress and fear of school are eliminated, the stomach ache often disappears all by itself.

attention, care and love signal to the child that his or her complaints are taken seriously and solutions are being sought. You can also work with your child to Relaxation exercises do something to combat gastrointestinal pain. Even a cup hot tea, a Hot water bottle or medication with the active ingredient butylscopolaminium bromide can be used with children.

Psychosomatic abdominal pain should definitely be treated in children. In any case, you should have a open ear have for your child and listen to him when he talks about problems at school or general fears. Only in this way can psychomatic causes for the complaints be recognized.

If the problems persist, you should consider a visit to a doctor child and youth therapists consider. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help your child get to the root of his stomach pain and develop coping mechanisms for the underlying stress.

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