Recognize health risks isotec

Mold in the home often has serious effects on the health of those affected. Endanger health. can cause allergies. According to the study "Living and Housing 2012", in 17% of German households at least one room is affected by mold and 7% of all German children live in rooms contaminated with mold. Despite these alarming figures, 9% of Germans believe that mold has little or no effect on their health
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We, too, often experience both extremes in our daily lives. On the one hand, the downplaying and trivialization, on the other hand, the absolute panic and fear. What is right now? How much damage does mold in the home do to health?

How mold develops in the apartment?

Molds in the home require a certain amount for growth Humidity. Mold spores are circulating through the air everywhere, looking for damp spots to take hold and spread. Moisture can be caused by condensation, a defective seal or water damage, for example.

Recognizing health risks isotec

Basically, it can be said that for the formation and growth of some types of mold, a relative humidity adjacent to the building of 70% to 80% over a period of 72 hours is sufficient. Still, there can be several causes of mold in the home.

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Does mold in the apartment harm health?

Recognizing health risks isotec

Mold in the apartment can have a negative impact on the health of the affected person. Basically one can say that mold spores are harmless in a normal measure and are to be found in the environment everywhere, also in dwellings. However, mold can be hazardous to health. Causing headaches, among other things.

A general statement about the health risks of mold in the home can not be made, but it can be said that especially children, elderly and immunocompromised people often react healthily to molds. The reason for this is that in children, the immune system is not yet fully developed, and in the elderly, the immune system is no longer fully functioning. The danger to health, such as regular Headache, by mold in the home has also been proven by scientific studies.

In addition to headaches or fatigue, respiratory diseases, skin and eye irritations or infections may occur. In order to prevent these symptoms, it is necessary to deal with the possibilities of prevention and the cause of occurrence of Mold in the home very important.

What types of mold can be toxic?

There is a very large variety of different types of mold, which have different properties. They are distinguished z. B. in the spore-flight or toxic properties. Molds are in a low concentration ubiquitous in the indoor air.

Often molds, as on certain types of cheese, are even desirable. In contrast, however, there are also types of mold that can be harmful to health. Biological testing can determine which types of mold are involved and how large the Potential danger is.

How to prevent possible headaches caused by mold in the apartment

Recognizing health risks isotec

You can prevent many of the causes of moisture damage by doing the right thing, and by doing a handful of Small measures prevent. One of the most common mistakes is incorrect ventilation behavior. A related too high humidity in the indoor air. Ideally, ventilate 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes at a time with shock ventilation and try to avoid tilt ventilation.

Tip: The optimal room temperature is between 19°C and 21°C and you should make sure that the temperature does not drop below 16°C. The room humidity should be between 50-60%, which you can best keep an eye on with a hygrometer. By implementing the above measures, you reduce the risk of mold infestation. protect your health from symptoms such as headaches.

A safe means of prevention against condensation moisture on interior walls is the use of a Climate panel. Our climate panel is made of an ecological building material and is therefore environmentally friendly. The climate panel ensures a comfortable indoor climate due to its climate regulating effect. This allows you to reuse basement rooms, for example, as living or hobby spaces and increases the value of your property.

At what level does mold become dangerous in the home?

Some also see it as scaremongering when warnings are ied about mold in the living space, because not every fungus is toxic or triggers allergies. That is also true. But how can occupants help themselves and how can they manage the infestation when it occurs? The Federal Environment Agency helps with a rule of thumb. It is oriented to Size of the infestation. From half a square meter or more of infestation in a room, a specialist should be called in, according to the Federal Environment Agency. Above this size, it is believed, the danger and possibility for damage to health is simply too great.

Recognize health risks isotec

Our practical experience shows that the rule of thumb is correct. Even if the infestation is not immediately toxic or allergenic, a room that is moldy more than half a square meter has an unpleasant and humid indoor climate. People do not feel comfortable there, a feeling of comfort does not arise. This is not an immediate danger for health, but medical research suggests that a permanently damp indoor climate can promote diseases.

And a room infested with mold is definitely one thing: damp. Without humidity the fungus cannot exist, but rather than humidity and a bit of wallpaper it just doesn't need to grow and thrive either.


The fact that mold in the apartment is a Danger to health can be, there is no question. The effects of a mold infestation in the home can range from headaches to respiratory illness or infection. But by considering a handful of tips, such as proper ventilation habits, the risk of mold in the home can be reduced. With the implementation of the above measures, you also reduce the likelihood of headaches.

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