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If diagnosed too late or treated incorrectly, diabetes has fatal consequences. We support you with an optimally coordinated treatment program.

Diabetes, also known as diabetes, is on its way to becoming the new number 1 widespread disease. Most sufferers have type 2 diabetes, which is often diagnosed far too late. The consequences of untreated or poorly treated diabetes are serious. The number of unreported cases is estimated at two million people.

The disease is often associated with negative feelings. Many people associate it with a poor lifestyle with poor diet, lack of exercise and obesity. The mechanisms of development. However, hereditary predispositions are complex. Diabetes is already well researched. Is becoming better understood. This also increases the possibilities for prevention and treatment.

What is diabetes?

There are two main types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes usually appears in childhood or adolescence. In these cases, the pancreas is damaged. No or only very little insulin is produced. In type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, also known as "adult-onset diabetes," insulin is increasingly poorly absorbed and utilized by the body's cells. This metabolic disease leads to an accumulation of sugar in the blood. About 90% of those affected have type 2.

Type 2 diabetes has very different manifestations, which are also influenced by individual factors. Some people just broke a little adjust their lifestyle. A little less weight and more exercise often have a positive effect on blood glucose levels. Other people, on the other hand, need permanent treatment with tablets or insulin. For this group, it is particularly important to understand their disease and to know what they can do themselves for their health.

Recognizing and treating diabetes gesundheitsjournal bkk gs bkk gildemeister seitensticker

These symptoms should make you sit up and take notice

Diabetes is not noticeable at first. It can take years for impairments to become more apparent. It is therefore important to make regular use of preventive examinations. If certain symptoms occur, a visit to the doctor is advisable.

These symptoms may indicate a permanently elevated blood sugar level:

– strong feeling of thirst – frequent urination – tiredness and lack of drive – nausea – dizziness

Based on the patient's medical history and a blood test, the doctor can determine whether diabetes is present.

Consequences of untreated or poorly controlled diabetes

The later diabetes is diagnosed, the greater the likelihood of secondary diseases that severely impair quality of life. The focus is therefore on reducing the risk of secondary diseases. Poorly treated or even untreated diabetes has dramatic consequences: The complication rate for heart attack, heart failure and stroke is ca. 2 to 3 times higher. Every year, 40 people are killed as a result of diabetes.000 legs, feet or toes amputated, around 2.000 people go blind. Diabetes is the most common cause of people having to go on dialysis regularly. Patients' life expectancy and quality of life are significantly reduced as a result.

We support you

The best medical care is a matter of course for us. If you are diagnosed with diabetes or have been diagnosed with diabetes in the past, we will support you with our BKK MedPlus treatment program.

BKK MedPlus is a special program for our insured who have type 2 diabetes. It ensures optimal cooperation between all those involved in treatment. This was developed together with recognized experts. Based on the latest scientific findings. Talk to your doctor about whether the program is right for you. Participation is free of charge.

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