Red wine healthy a healthy myth fizzles out fit for fun

Red wine healthy A healthy myth fizzlesA glass in honor no one can refuse. Not only that – red wine is healthy and prolongs life, it was long said. But unfortunately this is not quite true.

A glass of red wine a day for a longer life. This recommendation came in handy for most – alcohol for health! Scientists around Katie Hector of the University of Otaga in Dunedin, New Zealand, now think this widespread amption is not appropriate.

Red wine healthy? Only for threadworms

In their article in the "Biology Letters" of the British Royal Society, the research team took a close look at studies on the health-promoting effects of red wine. You came to the conclusion that the marketing of red wine as a health drink is inappropriate according to current knowledge. Although a life-prolonging effect of resveratrol, the crucial substance in grapes, has been clearly demonstrated in lower organisms such as yeasts and nematodes, this is not yet the case for humans. According to Katie Hector and colleagues, science is still in the early stages of researching reservatrol and its effects on humans.

But not so healthy

The doubts of the New Zealanders have now been confirmed in a recent study by University College London. They collected data for several years from over 18.000 people and had to conclude that the healthy glass of red wine unfortunately does not have a great impact on the lifespan after all. Alcohol or not – the lifespan of the accompanied individuals remained similar. But how can it be that 34 studies previously proved: the glass of red wine in the evening is healthy? The English researchers suspect that lack of documentation care is the reason for the possibly erroneous results. Because little research was done on the non-drinkers. So it probably happened more often that dry alcoholics slipped into the non-drinker group, naturally skewing the mortality study results. Another problem: none of the studies could conclusively prove that alcohol was responsible for the longer life of the test subjects. Thus the conclusions are attackable.

Protection from cancer

However, further animal studies show that resveratrol has versatile positive effects. Thus, experiments with creatures of asexual reproduction showed a decrease in new cases of cancer, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and degenerative nerve diseases when resveratrol is given. In contrast, other creatures, such as the splendid ground carp, had contradictory test results. Resveratrol was shown to have a definite effect only in the case of restrictive diets. Despite the scientists' declared relativization of the health benefits of red wine, there is nothing wrong with an occasional glass, of course.

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