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Red wine helps to lose weight – but only under this condition

Eva Orttenburger

© Jill Wellington, Pixabay, LizenzCC Red wine can help you lose weight – but only one glass.

Nuremberg – A new study from the USA delivers a surprising result: Drinking red wine can help to lose weight. However only under a condition. We have taken a closer look at the "wine diet under the microscope.

Lovers of Merlot, Chianti and Co. might feel great joy in view of this message: According to a new study red wine helps to lose weight.

Researchers from the USA found out that the substance resveratrol contained in red wine ensures that white fatty tie is converted into brown fatty tie. The brown fat tie can be burned more easily by the human body. Thus, a glass of wine in the evening can definitely stimulate fat burning and contribute to weight loss.

Wine when losing weight – only under one condition

However, the emphasis is on one glass. Because two glasses of red wine already add up to around 340 calories. This is almost the same energy content as a cheeseburger (302 calories). A wine spritzer, on the other hand, only adds 90 calories (200 ml) to the bill. So if you want to empty several glasses, you should stick to this alternative from a calorie point of view.

What many people don't know: Alcohol hides many calories that we consume quite unconsciously. Because according to the EU food regulation, calorie information does not have to be shown on the label if the alcohol content exceeds 1.2 percent. So consumers don't know how many calories are actually in a bottle of wine or sparkling wine.

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