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The exact number of days of leave depends on your age. Is specified in your training contract – either in business days or working days. A regulation according to working days means for you: six vacation days per week, namely Monday to Saturday. When vacation entitlement is expressed in working days, it is the number of days you are regularly at the training company – usually five days per week.

Until 18. Year of life

Before you turn 18, the Youth Employment Protection Act applies to you. The law distinguishes according to your age, so are you at the beginning of the calendar year:

– younger than 16 years, there are at least 30 working days of vacation. – younger than 17 years, there are at least 27 working days of vacation. – younger than 18 years there are at least 25 working days of vacation.

So the vacation entitlement is stated as a minimum and in working days, which for you means six vacation days per week – even if you actually have a five-day week.

If the final vacation days are nevertheless specified in your training contract in working days, the whole thing is therefore converted as follows:

– 30 working days of vacation mean 25 free working days. – 27 working days of vacation mean 23 free working days. – 25 working days of vacation mean 21 free working days.

From the age of 18. year of life

As soon as you are of age, the Federal Leave Act applies to you. You then count as a normal employee. You receive 24 working days – i.e. at least four weeks of paid leave per year. Paid leave has been fought for by trade unions, and most collective agreements negotiated by trade unions with employers contain better provisions than the statutory minimum. Trade union membership is worthwhile!

Vacation request

You must submit an application for your vacation leave, which your educational institution can only grant for operational reasons (e.g. B. fixed company vacation) or for important social reasons (e.g. B. priority to employees with children) may reject.

Educational leave

Some federal states have their own regulations for so-called educational leave. An educational leave (also called educational leave or educational time) means a leave of absence recognized by your company or by your employer. paid time off from your job for your own education. You even have a legal right to this in almost all federal states. The content of your educational leave does not have to be directly related to your work. Educational leave is granted in addition to regular vacation leave.

You can find exciting seminars for your educational leave on the home page of our website.di Youth Education Center!

You must usually declare your participation in a recognized educational leave as a "notification to the employer" and, depending on the federal state, apply eight, six or four weeks before the start of the seminar. Your personnel department may only refuse leave for urgent operational reasons (e.g. B. peak season or understaffing due to sick leave). In this case, you can usually carry over the educational leave. Increase thereby your total requirement in the next year.

Problem solving / approval

You must receive an answer to any kind of leave request after one month at the latest, or you may otherwise start your leave as planned – in theory at least, but in practice you'd better ask again. Once you have been granted leave, you can no longer withdraw it at short notice. The same applies, of course, to your training company!

If you have problems with your leave entitlement, talk to your JAV, your company or educational leave officer. Staff council or your.di Youth on site!


You may only submit your vacation application after the end of the waiting period, d. h. from the seventh month of training. Also make sure that you take your leave entitlement in the current year if possible! You can only cancel it with an important reason (z. B. If you are ill, you can carry over your remaining vacation to the following year, otherwise it will expire on the 31st day of the year. March of the following year. You must take at least two weeks of your annual vacation during your vocational school vacations; only in exceptional cases may it also fall during your vocational school vacations.

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