Rust a plant disease caused by fungi

Rust, a plant disease caused by fungi

Plants without rust, prevention and a quick treatment , take the scare out of this plant disease

Rust is a disease caused by fungi that affects many ornamental and useful plants. The different rust diseases are named after the plants they attack.

Treat the plant disease

In case of an infestation, you can see the spore bearings of the fungus on the underside of the leaf in the form of orange to brown rings or pustules. In case of heavy infestation the whole leaf is covered with it and falls off.


Like most fungi, rust thrives in humid conditions. With most types of rust, the plant must be moistened for six to eight hours before the fungus can establish itself. Rain, sprinklers and water from the garden hose can spread the fungus to surrounding plants and foliage. The spores are also spread by dead plant parts and wind.

Some rust fungi overwinter in fallen leaves and produce spores in the spring that are spread by the wind. Many overwinter on another plant, an intermediate host. Only the spores formed there can then infect the original plant again. One type of juniper rust, for example, needs the hawthorn (there hawthorn rust) as an intermediate host, another the pear (there pear rust).


The first step to banishing rust from your garden is to determine the type. It's not as hard as it sounds, because most rust fungi specialize in certain plants. If you need help, place infected leaves in a plastic bag and have them identified at your local nursery or agricultural testing facility.

To get rust under control, first and foremost, avoid letting it take up residence in your garden. Never water on leaves and destroy infected plant parts at the first sign of infestation.

Rust a plant disease caused by fungi

Be sure to remove infested leaves

Use different sprayers for fungicides and herbicides. If you use the same implement, some of the herbicide may remain and damage the diseased plants. Rinse the container three times after use over the drain – not over grass or soil!

Natural control

rust a plant disease caused by fungi

Remove intermediate host

Remove the intermediate host. Where a rust type has become an ongoing problem, uproot one of the host plants.

rust a plant disease caused by fungi

Remove infested plant parts

Remove infected plant parts. Cut off infected leaves and damaged branches. Clean the tool with alcohol afterwards.

Rust a plant disease caused by fungi

Remove fallen leaves

Remove fallen leaves from around infected plants. This is especially important when strong winds can spread the fungus.

Rust a plant disease caused by fungi

Keep leaves dry

Keep leaves dry. Water only on the ground, and make sure the sprinkler doesn't spray sensitive plants.


Proper handling of pesticides: Before applying fungicide, study the directions carefully and look for special safety instructions. Never spray on wet leaves or before a rain, as the agents will not work properly that way. Also, do not apply fungicides in high winds, which can spread the spray mist far and wide.

Keep people and pets away while spraying. When you are done, immediately clean the sprayer thoroughly. Store with chemicals in a cool, dark place. Be sure to keep children or pets away from the harmful agents.

rust a plant disease caused by fungi

Rust spores

Control with fungicide

You will need:

Sprayer, gloves, fungicide, protective mask

Rust a plant disease caused by fungi

Use a soft, even stream

Spray with a soft, even stream. Spray the entire plant, including the undersides of leaves.

Rust a plant disease caused by fungi

Clean the unit afterwards

Clean the unit thoroughly afterwards. After drying, store them in a locked cabinet.


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