Sauna in the times of corona

Saunas strengthen the immune system. Photo: Klafs GmbH

The Corona virus is omnipresent and accompanies us in almost all areas of life. So in the meantime it has also influenced our wellness behavior. Sauna users wonder: what are the effects of the virus on sauna use? Or rather, to what extent can I support my immune system with it? Stefan Schollhammer, managing director of the large sauna manufacturer Klafs, answers exclusively for swimming pool.en the most important questions around the topic

Mr. Schollhammer, what are you personally doing at the moment to protect yourself and actively strengthen your health?

Regardless of the corona pandemic, a healthy lifestyle is important to me. Because this is a basic prerequisite for a stable immune system, which in turn is indispensable for good health. I therefore pay attention to a balanced diet, sufficient exercise and regular saunas. Especially in the last weeks I am very consistent in sauna bathing and allow myself the time and rest for my ritual. My sauna has been a permanent fixture in my life for a long time now. A big part in my well-being. But it has rarely been as important as it is right now. When I take a sauna, endorphins are released, I feel relieved, relaxed and really good afterwards. So I also start to relax mentally in the sauna, it de-stresses me and recharges me with new mental energy.

Sauna warmth makes the viruses hard to cope with

Many people are very concerned about their health because of the current corona pandemic. What recommendations can you, as an expert in health and wellness, give?

Thanks to Professor Resch of the German Institute for Health Research we know that sauna heat and dry salt inhalation can actively fight the coronavirus. According to Professor Resch, sauna heat is the Achilles heel of coronaviruses: "SARS-CoV viruses quickly capitulate to heat.

Just 38 degrees Celsius is enough to make viruses massively less infectious within hours – especially with very high humidity, and just 15 minutes at 56 degrees Celsius reliably kills them off. This can be used to protect oneself from the viruses or to make it as difficult as possible for them to multiply in the body." That is why we recommend sauna bathing for currently healthy people. The pleasant and gentle heat with high humidity that Professor Resch speaks of is possible with a sanarium from our company.

Taking a sauna strengthens the immune system

How healthy is sauna actually?

Stefan Schollhammer, managing director of the sauna manufacturer Klafs. Photo: Klafs GmbH

When you consider how many health-promoting effects The sauna has on the body, I would say: very healthy. Not only the immune system is strengthened, but also the parasympathetic system is stimulated, which leads to faster falling asleep and less waking up during the night. And it improves blood circulation to the skin, to name just two other examples. Even though some will smile at this statement, it is proven: Saunas live longer.

With the heat and cold stimuli during sauna bathing, the cardiovascular system is trained and prevents high blood prere. An important point that is often forgotten: In addition to physical health, regular time out in the sauna is also very good for our minds. Stress, prere and hectic in everyday life can be very stressful. The pleasant warmth of the sauna relaxes the muscles, releases tension and helps us to relieve stress.

How often and how long should I take a sauna to strengthen my immune system??

Regularity is the key. Sauna sessions strengthen the immune system – much like athletic training strengthens endurance – slowly and continuously. Going jogging once does not make any of us an athlete. The answer to how often. How long varies from person to person. It is important to feel comfortable. For a sauna session you can orientate yourself on a time of eight to fifteen minutes.

How many sauna sessions you take per week is not so important, the main thing is to take a sauna at least once a week. I do two or three sauna sessions at once, always cool down afterwards and rest between the sauna sessions. If you take a sauna every day, one session is enough. Studies have shown that the immune system reacts very quickly and that significant effects can be observed after only 8 to 12 weeks.

Cure the disease before sauna!

What health requirements must be met to be able to take a sauna session?

No one should go to the sauna if they are ill, at least not until they have consulted their doctor. Sauna bathing has recently been recommended for numerous illnesses for which orthodox medicine has long disagreed. It is now known that saunas have a beneficial effect on the course of many diseases and improve the quality of life in the case of many chronic illnesses.

If you have the flu or a severe cold, you should first cure it sufficiently before going to the sauna. However, exceptions prove the rule: Experienced sauna users use the sauna as a first aid for mild symptoms, for a slight cold or scratchy throat, and when the cold has not yet really set in. But you must not overdo it in any case, but rather choose a mild form of bathing like our sanarium and do not exaggerate the cooling down.

Sauna together or alone?

Strict rules apply in public areas when dealing with our fellow human beings. Can I use my sauna at all with several people or should I just take a sauna alone as a precaution??

According to current guidelines, we should currently limit our social contact to those living in our households. The risk of infection in one's own sauna should be significantly lower than in any other room of the house due to the heat, I would have no concerns here at all.

So, if you live together with the other sauna fans, you can continue to go to your own sauna together. Public saunas are mostly closed at the moment. Here one has in the rest rooms, changing rooms and showers similar infection risks as in the public area.

Does a sauna need to be specially cleaned, for example with disinfectants, or are the usual cleaning precautions enough?

As I mentioned at the beginning, viruses rarely survive at high temperatures. So you do not have to worry about additional disinfection of the sauna in times of coronavirus. Nevertheless, hygiene. Cleanliness in the sauna very important. Here, however, you have to be rather careful and cautious with disinfectants. For example, regular wet mopping is sufficient for cleaning the floor.

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