Si dep project france clinisys

Screening platform in FranceSlowing the COVID 19 pandemic by detecting and tracking positive cases in France via a secure nationwide platform for collecting and transmitting test results.

Implementation, in just two months, of a scalable monitoring and prevention tool that plays a crucial role in France's public health policy.

6 weeks Installation

Up to 3 million. tests per day

100.000 active users

In the context of pandemic management in France, the detection and follow-up of COVID-19 cases is crucial for successful management of the crisis as well as for the protection of the French population. Against this backdrop, the French Ministry of Solidarity. Health the nationwide SI-DEP project (Système d'Informations de DEPistage) implemented. CliniSys | MIPS was selected and commissioned for this purpose in partnership with the AP-HP clinic association. The electronic order entry-. CyberLab results retrieval system forms core of SI-DEP IT platform.

In the meantime, almost 400 healthcare companies (hospitals and regional clinic networks) and around 4.500 private laboratories connected to the platform, so that test results from all over the country are transmitted day after day. Many French university hospitals and regional hospitals have also benefited from the integration of CyberLab's order entry solution into their laboratory information system (LIS).

In the first phase, only PCR results were transferred to the SI-DEP platform. Later came serological tests. Then also add antigen test. Since mid-November 2020, pharmacists, nurses and independent physicians have been able to enter data into the platform and also access the results of their patients' tests directly via the CyberLab user interface. In June 2021, it is expected that at least 3.000.000 tests per day (including self-tests).


Possibility to identify, test and isolate

Large-scale virologic screening on a national scale to control or limit pandemic resurgence and keep a tight grip on infection dynamics across the country requires the ability to identify, test and isolate patients and their contacts. The SI-DEP project covers this important task in the public interest. It is based on a partnership between the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity, the AP-HP (Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris) hospital group and the French health authority (Sante publique France). In addition, medical laboratories. Laboratory information systems provider involved.

Secure platform with real-time information

To digitize the screening process, SI-DEP provides a secure platform for registering and submitting COVID-19 test results. This will ensure that positive cases are handled in accordance with regulations. Comprehensive and immediate real-time collection of results is expected to break the chain of infection.

The Ministry of Health and Solidarity chose CliniSys | MIPS and the CyberLab solution for this project with an extremely tight timeframe. CyberLab makes it easier for participating laboratories to manage test orders and deliver positive test results to respective patients in a smooth, reliable, transparent and secure manner.

The ability to connect to all laboratory information systems (LIS), the ease of deployment via web application and the capacity to process large amounts of data from multiple facilities, CyberLab meets the exceptional requirements of the project and thus became the heart of the SI-DEP architecture. At CliniSys | MIPS have already gained relevant experience in Belgium. There, the CyberLab solution is in use in a similar context for the national testing platform.


The SI-DEP project participated in the 13. May 2020, the CyberLab solution will begin regular operations to support, in the initial phase, about 50.000 test results to be processed per day. Over time, this number has increased to more than 1.000.000 daily tests grown, and further increases are planned.

The project structure is based on four main functions:

– Provide an electronic requisition tool for multiple facilities and LIS – Centralize all PCR test and serological screening results (from public and private facilities) across the country in a national database with data hosting by AP-HP and processing in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and the national data protection authority in Paris (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertes, CNIL) – Enabling secure sharing of results with clients and patients (so that preventive measures can be taken immediately) and implementation of unique QR activation codes for the French COVID-19 app TousAntiCovid – Providing high-quality consolidated and pseudonymized data in real time to the French health authority (Sante publique France), the Directorate of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (Direction de la Recherche, des Etudes, de l'Evaluation et des Statistiques, DREES) and the central health data platform to produce statistics and support epidemiological surveillance


In the first phase of the project, public institutions, especially university hospitals equipped with a system for high-throughput extraction, were connected to the SI-DEP platform. Such automated systems have provided significant support for the large increases in capacity of all laboratories performing COVID-19 RT-PCR testing.

In the second stage, all French laboratories, private as well as public, were linked to the national platform, including 400 healthcare providers (hospitals and regional hospital networks) and about 4.500 private laboratories.

Currently, the SI-DEP project has approximately 100.000 active users of CyberLab – laboratories, public institutions, pharmacies, doctors' offices and care facilities.

Si dep project france clinisys

Generation of test evidence

The European Commission recently introduced the health passport to support a more comprehensive resumption of travel in the EU. Required to implement test detection to verify a positive or negative result (from antigen or PCR tests).

Within the SI-DEP platform, CyberLab is the only app to generate this evidence of a COVID-19 test nationwide in France. A certified QR code is ied for this purpose, which is valid in all European countries as well as at domestic events as proof of testing.

– After the laboratory test, whether the result is positive or negative, the patient will receive a CyberLab-generated SMS or email to download the test record. – The patient can also use the CyberLab portal to retrieve the test evidence in the form of a QR code. – With one click, the QR code can be imported into the TousAntiCovid app, where, since 19. April the TousAntiCovid Carnet is integrated. This digital record stores the COVID-19 test evidence and vaccination status of the person for whom the health passport is being generated.

Since the 21. June, a second national database is available for patients to record their self-test results. CliniSys | MIPS and CyberLab were also selected for this new initiative.

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