Sick leave what may one what does not go so it correctly

Sick leave: How to behave correctly!If you are unable to work due to an illness, it does not mean that you are bedridden. For this reason, there is a great deal of demand among employees for this profession
Uncertainty about which aspects to consider when taking sick leave. And they do so without facing any negative consequences from their employer as a result. We will explain to you how you can be on the safe side legally in such a situation.

Sick leave – what you are allowed to do, what you are not allowed to do?

More and more people go to work sick for fear of losing their jobs. However, this is a wrong approach, which can also have unfavorable consequences for the company, especially in the case of contagious diseases such as influenza. And this is the case, for example, when entire departments can no longer work productively.

But it is also of enormous importance for the sick person himself to take the sick leave he is entitled to: Only when you are healthy can you work in a motivated and goal-oriented manner. In addition, there are life situations, such as.B. a pregnancy, in which special protection is appropriate.

The question of what one is allowed to do while on sick leave, on the other hand, is not so easy to answer from the point of view of labor law. Depending on the individual case, only the doctor decides whether you are allowed to leave the house.

The idea behind this is that nothing should be done that hinders or delays the healing process. In the case of some illnesses, for example, doctors advise walking in the fresh air, while in other cases absolute rest is called for. If walks are allowed while you are sick, then you may leave home with a clear conscience – and you don't have to worry about being fired either.

Are you allowed to shop or travel during sick leave?

Shopping or traveling during sick leave is only allowed with a doctor's permission. The same applies if you have a family to take care of. Inform your attending physician about this, as he or she will decide whether you are in a healthy condition to do so. Get the corresponding permission, then it is recommended that you inform your employer about this as well. Otherwise, there may be discrepancies, should you be at your shopping during illness Running into your boss.

The ie of traveling is handled similarly: In the event that your doctor comes to the conclusion that a change of climate or a change of scenery will have a favorable effect on the course of the disease, there is nothing to prevent you from traveling. Continue only with the express permission of a doctor -. Inform your employer!

Medical confirmation – a must from day one!

Unfortunately, there is a widespread opinion that, as an employee, you do not have to present a confirmation from the attending physician until three days have elapsed. However, this is a mistake: Your boss can demand such a confirmation already for the first day of your absence due to illness.

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