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Health careThe Fachoberschule – Gesundheit und Soziales -, Schwerpunkt Gesundheit-Pflege imparts in-depth technical education in the field of health, in part in occupation-specific focal points, as well as an expanded general education.

Successful completion of the specialized upper secondary school creates the prerequisite for a course of study, but also qualifies the student to take up higher-qualified occupations.

Admission requirements

Students who can prove that they have completed the Secondary School Certificate I (or another equivalent level of education) can be admitted to Class 11. The transition to grade 12 takes place through promotion. Attendance at a relevant type of vocational school. The completion of a relevant internship of at least. 960 hours. proves.

Training form/contents

The teaching of the two- or. The one-year course is full-time.

In grade 11, an internship with a total scope of at least 960 hrs. Performing in companies. Takes place three days a week. Is under the supervision of the school. Takes place three days a week. Is under the supervision of the school.

The valid timetable ames a total of 42 hours per week (grades 11 and 12):

Subjects Total Grade 11 Total Grade 12 Interdisciplinary learning area – German – English – Mathematics – Science – Politics – Physical education – Religion Total 8 hrs. 18 hrs. Job-related learning area – Information processing – Business and economics – Health care – Nursing Total 4 hrs. 12 hours.

Degrees and authorizations

The training concludes with a written and, if applicable. oral examination.

Successful completion of the course will result in a higher education entrance qualification. This entitles

– study at a university of applied sciences – relevant studies at numerous universities in Lower Saxony – attendance of any school in the secondary level II – entry into the course stage of the vocational high school, provided that the required qualification in a second foreign language is fulfilled – attendance of the vocational high school class 13 (in case of completed vocational training).

Further notes

If the admission capacity is exceeded, a selection procedure is carried out.

Most of the necessary learning materials can be borrowed from the school for a fee. In addition, there are costs for the procurement of writing and drawing materials, calculators, reading, ..

In class 12, according to the currently valid regulations, financial support is possible in accordance with BAfoG (Federal Academic Loan Act).

Director of studies Elin Ihnen

Below are various files related to the school form (u.a.) in the form of PDFs and links to relevant websites.

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) is an organization founded in 1946 in America, which enables students according to a specific set of rules to further their career opportunities in the fields of marketing, management and entrepreneurship in English.

At the end of the project, the corresponding results will be presented to a group of jurors. At our vocational school, this teaching unit is carried out over a longer period of time in all classes of the technical high schools 12 in the subjects project management and English. Here the students can either introduce a new product to the market, work on technical innovations, re-promote existing products or organize and carry out an educational campaign.

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