Speik the small medicinal plant

Speik – the delicate medicinal plantIn the gentle alpine world of the Carinthian Nockberge mountains you can relax and use the catchy scent of speik as a source of energy for body and mind. Experience very personal sunshine moments in the Bad Kleinkirchheim region during breathtaking alpine walks, panoramic summit tours and mystical hikes – in your constant company the tangy scent of the Speik plant.

Inconspicuous plant – unusual story

An almost forgotten plant with special abilities: In the Nockberge Biosphere Park in southern Austria, speik is harvested just as it was centuries ago.

Speik or Speick, also known as "Valeriana celtica", is a species of plant in the valerian genus in the subfamily of valerian plants. The plant enjoys great popularity especially because of its balancing effect.

During the heyday of from the beginning of July to the end of September you can On a hike in the footsteps of the spikenard plant with a little luck you will discover this inconspicuous plant on the alpine pastures of the Biosphere Reserve. The valerian plant has a calming effect on the central nervous system. At the same time stimulating on the vegetative nervous system. It relaxes, but without making tired and thus invigorates body and mind. If you take a closer look at the small dried spat plant, you probably find it hard to imagine that this slender green plant with its dainty yellow flowers hides so many strengths and was once a sought-after and precious commodity. But as they say – small but mighty!

Already 2500 years ago, especially in Egypt and in the Orient, people appreciated the spikenard because of its intense and aromatic smell and its special abilities in cosmetics.

In North Africa and Europe, people bathed and perfumed themselves with spikenard, and brides were even rubbed with spikenard before their weddings.

Speik or Speick?

Gradually, however, the inconspicuous medicinal plant fell into oblivion until Walter Rau "rediscovered" it and founded the German company "SPEICK Naturkosmetik" in 1928.

From an idea, fascination and vision Rau created a unique product: the "Speick soap". This natural, skin-mild soap is a cosmetic revolution – as it is for body care and not for cleansing. The company is the only one in the world authorized to produce Speik products and has chosen the spelling "Speick". Today, the Speik is no longer used exclusively for the production of Speick soap, but finds its use in a wide range of natural cosmetic products from soap to lotion, oils, masks and sunscreen.

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