Sport against pimples eucerin

Sport against pimples – what influence does exercise have on pimples and blackheads?? Actually we all know it: Sport. Exercise generally has a positive effect on our health. No wonder doctors and health experts advise to do moderate sports regularly. Sport helps to prevent the most common diseases of civilization (diabetes, hypertension, etc.).) prevent. Couch Potatoes have thus a heavy state!

Does sport help against pimples? In this article you will learn what positive effects sports can have on blemished skin and what you should keep in mind.

Why exercise and sports have a positive effect

1. Sport improves blood circulation
People who exercise regularly strengthen their entire organism and improve the blood flow to their skin. Because the heart pumps more blood, even the smallest capillaries (tiny blood vessels in the skin) are supplied with more blood. As a result, the skin gets a rosier, fresher color and the body builds up defenses. Practical side effect: Inflammations – typical of blemished, acne-prone skin – usually heal more quickly and occur less frequently.

Sport against pimples eucerin

Sport helps you relieve stress

2. Sport provides more oxygen
Those who do sports literally get more puff over time. Because the amount of breathing air, which is absorbed by the body, increases. It can even double over time! Therefore, it is of course best to exercise in the fresh, preferably clean, air. By increasing the amount of air you breathe, your body is better supplied with oxygen. The number of blood cells increases, the heart works more effectively and the organs are better supplied with blood. Blood prere levels also improve, as does the tone of ties and blood vessels. And of course this effect also benefits your skin.

3. Sport reduces stress
Recent studies say that stress and acne influence each other. The psychological aspect of acne should not be underestimated, because negative stress can make the skin more susceptible to inflammation and thus to pimples.

Exercise, on the other hand, naturally reduces stress hormones in the body. You can relax better, and this is also good for your skin.

4. Sport "cleanses" the body
When you do sports you start to sweat – that's the nature of things. But that's a good thing, because sweating has a positive effect: the pores open up and excess sebum and dirt are removed in a natural way. Tip: You are taking medication for your acne. Would like to do sports? Your family doctor will tell you what you should possibly pay attention to in this case.

Before, during and after sports: our tips for you

Tip 1: It's better to go to the gym without makeup

Sport against pimples eucerin

Before sports: better remove make-up!

Sports open the pores, so it's better not to block the skin's natural ability to breathe with thick makeup. Because when sweat mixes with makeup, it can clog pores.

If you prefer not to go to sports without make-up, use a light, moisturizing fluid.

Tip 2: Use hair care products sparingly

Sport against pimples eucerin

Leave-in conditioners and other oil-containing products can run down the face when sweating and clog the pores. This can lead to the development of pimples, especially on the forehead.

Tip 3: Don't forget sunscreen

Sport against pimples eucerin

Important when exercising outdoors: sun protection!

You like to do outdoor sports? Great – especially if you protect yourself well from the sun. The best choice is a light, mattifying sunscreen product such as z. B. the mattifying sun gel cream Oil Control from Eucerin. Too rich sun creams are rather unsuitable, because they can promote impurities.

The sun protection factor should of course match your skin type. If you are not sure, it is better to choose a higher SPF or get advice at the pharmacy or from your dermatologist.

Tip 4: Clean fitness equipment before use

Sports against pimples eucerin

Pay attention to cleanliness in the gym

There are a lot of bacteria on the equipment in the gym. Once touched, you'll have them on your hands and then quickly on your face too.

It's better not to rely on others to clean them adequately after use – it's better to do it yourself! Paper towels and appropriate means should be available in every gym.

Tip 5: After sports: take a shower!

Sport against pimples eucerin

The shower after sport: a real blessing, also for the skin.

This should be obvious, but if you have acne, showering after sports is especially important. Because when you sweat, the skin pores open and dirt and excess sebum are transported out of the body. But if you let the sweat dry on your skin, the different substances settle again and clog the pores once more – ideal conditions for the inflammation-triggering propionibacteria.

Therefore: if possible, shower immediately after sports and especially clean the affected (facial) skin with a suitable dermocosmetic product, e.g. B. with DERMOPURE Cleansing Gel.

If you start to sweat during sports, you can wipe off the sweat with a clean cloth – especially the affected areas of your body. Tip 6: Acne. Sauna – fits the bill?Basically, it is not a problem to go to the sauna with acne, on the contrary. Your circulation is stimulated. The immune system strengthened. In addition to the towel to lie on, you should have another towel to wipe off the sweat – for this purpose, z. B. a small guest towel

Is there actually sportsman acne?

The so-called athlete's acne or also anabolic acne can be caused by the intake of performance-enhancing drugs, such as e. B. Anabolic steroids, are triggered.

In principle, such remedies are not recommended, as the side effects are considerable. Excessive bodybuilding is also not advisable, as the male sex hormone testosterone that is released can have an acne-promoting effect. Moderate fitness training or endurance sports are more suitable.

I'm a sports mutt – now what??

Sports against pimples eucerin

Sports muffle watch out: Here are our tips for you

First things first: find a sport that you really enjoy! Endurance sports such as running, skating, swimming or biking – and of course general exercise in the fresh air – are particularly recommended for impure, acne-prone skin.

If you don't enjoy it, you can achieve a similar effect with sports like soccer, volleyball or tennis. Working out in a fitness center is also a good alternative.

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