Sport pro health karate siegsdorf

It is the highest award for clubs in terms of health sports at all and the nationally recognized seal of quality of organized sports, which was developed jointly by the German Medical Association and the German Olympic Sports Confederation on the basis of clearly defined and agreed quality criteria. The umbrella brand SPORT PRO GESUNDHEIT includes the associated offer "Budomotion – for a healthy posture and movement system" and shows the way to high quality exercise offers in the clubs of the German Karate Federation.

Offers with the quality seal are recommended by the German Medical Association.

What is Budomotion?

Sport pro health karate siegsdorf

Budomotion is a holistic oriented concept, which is an interesting and versatile alternative to offers like z. B. of a conventional back school or a spinal gymnastics represents. Newcomers and those returning to sport should be given the opportunity to live healthier and more active lives through movement, play and sporting fun. With a course offer, which covers 10 instruction units a 90 minutes, the participants are to be motivated to participate on a long-term basis, according to their inclinations and interests, in health-oriented movement offers in the associations of the DKV. Specially trained exercise instructors offer the course with a standardized schedule for this purpose. To the course organization accompanying documents, hour concepts, questionnaires u. v. a. m. for the exercise instructors and handouts for the participants.

Karate as a health sport

Read here the article of the German olympic sport federation

Our trainers

sport pro health karate siegsdorf

Jurgen Goetzelmann

Only very few clubs in Bavaria have submitted to the strict requirements of this seal of quality. We are happy that two of our trainers have completed the additional training for the acquisition of the seal of approval after their B-trainer sport in prevention (posture and movement).

sport pro health karate siegsdorf

Jacqueline Rohrle

Our offer

Sport pro gesundheit karate siegsdorf

Hardly any illness is as widespread as back pain. Problems in the entire area of the back up to intervertebral disc prolapses have broadly found their way into the population. Almost three quarters of all adults have to struggle with back problems. Sitting at a desk for long periods of time, computer work, little exercise and being overweight are the main causes.

Weakened back muscles, poor posture and tension are the main reasons for most back problems. If you regularly suffer from back pain, a lengthy therapy is often necessary in order to eliminate the problems. Of course, it would be much better to strengthen the back at an early stage and thus prevent problems from arising in the first place.

Everyone knows that it is not easy to motivate oneself after a long day at work and to do strengthening exercises for the back. Many people also do not know which exercises for the back are healthy at all and can strengthen the back muscles efficiently. But in a group all this is much easier. We want to support these efforts. Counteracting the problems of the back with the right behaviors. On the other hand, we also want to encourage people who have not been active for a long time to take part in regular sports activities. There are NO age limits, everyone is welcome to participate. It is never too late to become active and rarely too early.

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