Sports teacher training job description vacancies azubiyo

Super! The training sessions are planned and the training plans are finalized. Your students will come in about 20 minutes. In the meantime, get the sports equipment ready. For your current fitness training you need mats, skipping ropes and kettlebells. In the next lesson, a challenging HIIT workout is scheduled to increase the fitness of your students. You know their abilities, strengths and weaknesses very well, after all, you observe them closely during your sports lessons in order to tailor the exercises perfectly to the group and individuals.

Job description sports teacher

What does a sports instructor do?

Sports instructor or. Sports instructors teach children and adults in different sports. you work with untrained persons as well as with trained athletes. As a physical education instructor, you not only teach athletic skills, but also promote the health and personal performance level of your clients and male and female athletes. To do this, you explain the rules of the sports to them. Guide to fair behavior. This means that in games such as basketball, soccer or handball, you not only explain the techniques of the game, but also suggest sporting rules and fair behavior. Among other things, players should learn how to recognize opposing performances. You also give your clients further information on how to train circulation, fitness and coordination skills as well as how to compensate for weaknesses.

Physical education teachers are also in the Advice Responsible. Take into account individual physical possibilities, health conditions and wishes of clients and provide information about health risks, educate about doping and give lectures on preventive health care. You show your athletes, for example, which exercises are easy on the joints in the gym or which sports can prevent athletes from slipped discs. To ensure that the exercises are performed correctly, they first demonstrate them themselves and then provide guidance and assistance.

In addition, as a sports teacher you are also responsible for the planning and organization of Activities and Training and exercise sessions responsible. You create customized training plans, organize competitions and tournaments. Talent should also be promoted and new players integrated into well-established teams.

What does the everyday working life as a sports teacher look like??

As a sports teacher you work daily with sports equipment as well as Sports equipment. Depending on the type of sport, you will come into contact with balls, hoops, bands, wall bars, sports mats or fitness equipment, for example. You also work with your hands, because your task is, among other things, to set up the sports equipment. In addition, your job depends very much on the type of sport you teach. For example, as a sports teacher you can be on outdoor sports fields, in gymnasiums and sports halls, but also in classrooms and practice rooms or in swimming pools. If you work outdoors, you are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, such as cold, wet, damp or heat.

You sometimes also work closely with your clients, for example when you give them exercises and Movements demonstrate or provide assistance to the students. In addition, you should be prepared to work under the eyes of customers and spectators in your daily work. For example, they watch you teach.

In your everyday working life you also work on the Screen, to create training plans or analyze video recordings. You also deal with participant lists, tournament and competition schedules or accident prevention and safety regulations.

As a sports instructor you take over the daily Responsibility for a wide variety of people, such as competitive athletes, children, young people or adults. Therefore, it is important to comply with safety regulations regarding the equipment and to always pay attention to the safety of the athletes.

sports instructor training job description vacancies azubiyo

sports teacher training job description vacancies azubiyo

sports teacher training job description vacancies azubiyo

sports teacher training job description vacancies azubiyo

Sports teacher training job description vacancies azubiyo

Where does a sports teacher work?

The Working environment in this profession varies greatly: Depending on what kind of sport sports teacher is teaching, the place of work also changes. Your courses will be held in gymnasiums and sports halls, swimming pools and outdoors. You are usually employed by sports clubs, in sports and gymnastics schools or in fitness centers. They are also employed by vacation clubs and tour operators.

Training as a sports teacher

How does the training to become a sports teacher work?

During the training to become a sports instructor or. The training to become a sports teacher is regulated by state law school education. Your training will take place at vocational schools. On the other hand, it takes place at sports science faculties. The duration of the training can vary between 2 and 3 years. At the end you complete it with a state final examination.

Depending on the training, it is also possible to specialize during the training, for example to become a ski instructor, snowboard instructor or mountain and ski guide. Here you will find cool professions in snow and ice.

school (vocational school and company internships)

2-3 years, shortening possible

You will take your exams in front of a state examination board.

What do you learn in the training as a sports teacher?

Your training as a sports teacher is theoretical and practical. In sports theory, for example, you will learn important things about the kinematics, Health Education, Sports Medicine and sports pedagogy. You will also learn about media didactics, sports biology, sports psychology and sports administration law.

In turn, you practice the individual sports in the area of sports practice. You train individual sports, such as fitness, swimming or athletics, game sports, such as handball, soccer or basketball, and improve your skills in the so-called backstroke games, such as tennis or squash. You will also learn about trend, adventure and adventure sports. Also offered are electives such as rock climbing, tennis, or windsurfing.

Since sports teachers resp. As sports teachers sometimes also organize competitions, they should also know about public relations and event organization. Your training will ensure that you are also well prepared for these tasks.

Sports teacher: Requirements for the training

For the training to become a sports teacher Qualifying secondary school diploma or a secondary school diploma presupposed. In Rhineland-Palatinate, a secondary school diploma is only sufficient as an entry requirement if you have subsequently completed at least two years of training.

Before the start of training, proof must be provided both of health suitability for the profession and of a trainer or exercise instructor position in a school or club. In addition, applicants must be older than 18 years. In addition, there are further admission requirements in some federal states.

Source: Training and examination regulations of the respective vocational schools or. Federal states

– Sports – Biology – Education / Psychology

– Physical fitness – Sense of responsibility – Empathy

– Work in sports facilities – Partly close physical contact – Irregular working hours

For the training as a sports teacher are good grades in sports and biology of advantage. You should be athletic yourself to explain and demonstrate exercises to your customers. You should also be well versed in physical fitness and nutrition in order to be able to help athletes improve their performance in the first place.

Pedagogy or psychology also helps you to successfully complete your training as a sports instructor. You need pedagogical skills, for example, in instructing and motivating your students and in imparting knowledge.

How much you earn as a sports teacher in training?

The profession of sports teacher or. of the sports teacher you learn at a special vocational school. In contrast to a classic dual training, a school-based training often does not include a training allowance. This means that even as a prospective sports teacher you may not receive a trainee's salary. If your training takes place at a private school, you usually even have to pay course fees; at public schools, training is usually free of charge.

You would like to know more about the sports teacher salary? Click here for the salary page.

A look behind the scenes: Testimonials from trainees

Application procedure: After you have applied in writing at OLantis, you will be invited for an interview. The interview is divided into three different categories. Category 1: Interview with the department heads and the instructors (ca.

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