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BUT: Our filter systems, water softening and water revitalization systems provide relief –


Ralph and his son Sean in conversation

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Everyone should have access to pure and vital water that offers them more quality of life, enjoyment and benefits. Because water is the basis.


Whether water softening, water revitalization or filter system, we have the right product for business customers – in the area of restaurants and the hotel industry.


Water often plays a central role in the production of products. This makes it all the more important to pay special attention to water quality. In addition to the product, we particularly like the way it is distributed. The personal contact on the same wavelength!

"We now have this special water in our home and are thrilled; whether pure, as tea, for cooking, for plants or for the production of sprouts – it has completely convinced us."

By the way the lime problem has been solved

Through an acquaintance we became aware of the" healthy water" attentively. The taste was special and drinking was easier, ran by itself. For four weeks now, we have been the owners of the two facilities and are fully enthusiastic. The whole family drinks much more water. We all feel fit. By the way, the lime problem has been solved, the plants grow better, hair and skin are soft, etc. The advice and installation by Ralph Schneider were excellent. Thanks Ralph."

Family S. from cheeks

I can highly recommend the reverse osmosis system and Aquaspin and am grateful to have come across Ralph and his team.

I wanted to start the year 2020 with the resolution to do something for my health and after a very good and informative lecture by

Ralph, Henrike and Hiltrud quickly convinced to do this in the form of healthy water.

Ralph's installation went smoothly on the 2nd day.1. and since then we have been drinking liter after liter like world champions. My need for sparkling water has decreased significantly and if we ever drink tap water somewhere else, we promptly notice the difference. I haven't had to descale the kettle since then, it was always necessary despite a previously installed descaling system.

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