Staying healthy with breaks and active relaxation

Staying healthy with conscious breaks and active relaxationDiseases and frequent infections can be caused and promoted by a certain way of life. Too little exercise, an unhealthy diet or little sleep can weaken the immune system. But stress and constant tension can also be reasons for an increased susceptibility to infections and fatigue. Relaxation measures and conscious phases of rest contribute significantly to a better quality of life and good health.

At a glance

– Stress and excessive demands can take a toll on mental and physical health in the long term. Relaxation therefore belongs next to exercise. Balanced diet among the pillars of a health-promoting lifestyle. – If you allow yourself regular rest periods, you can prevent certain illnesses – but also remain resilient and become more efficient. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training can be learned at any age. Integrating relaxation into everyday life without much effort.


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