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That with increasing age the concentration and the memory do not function any longer in such a way as with mid 20 is completely natural and still no reason to fear. Nor is it a reason to throw in the towel, because one thing is for sure: the brain is not a problem Exercising the brain can be done at any age.

It is important that the desire to learn and the curiosity to discover new things are not lost. But what does our brain need to stay fit and how can we offer our head new tasks day after day?? Which exercises are useful and can be easily integrated into everyday life?

Also mentally fit remain alippi magazine

Brain jogging for more mental performance

At the latest since Dr. Kawashima's brain jogging, this special kind of brain training is trendy. As mental activation training it is to receive or increase the mental efficiency with purposeful exercises. And indeed: The positive effects The effects of brain jogging on memory, concentration and general thinking have been scientifically proven.

The brain games are suitable for all age groups and are designed to activate and train different areas of the brain. The Brain jogging thus comprehensively addresses the needs of our thinking organ and offers versatile suggestions to increase the fun of exercising.

Memory training for seniors – only crossword puzzles and quizzes?

Older people in particular often have the feeling that they need to do something for their gray matter. Whether they notice a certain age forgetfulness or even the fear of dementia creeping in, brain jogging and memory training are also gaining in popularity among older people. But those who now think of newspaper puzzles and Jorg Pilawa are wrong.

The mental occupation in old age is particularly significant for maintaining mental performance capabilities, as shown, for example, in a study by the University of Munster. However, special exercises are only available for dementia patients.

For memory training for seniors, all tasks from the field of brain training can be used, since the brain can be trained in every phase of life. So you have the choice between word grid, Sudoku or letter salad. Many aging people, however, also opt for modern exercise variations and use the versatile possibilities of game consoles as well as offers on the Internet.

Interesting offers and exercise material against forgetfulness, which can be used free of charge online:

Brain jogging of the pharmacies Umschau: Sudoku, picture riddles, number riddles and letter riddles for puzzling and playing

Brain jogging of the senior adviser: Quizzes, mathematics exercises, word riddles and memory games to guess and train

Offering variety to the mind

Keeping the brain fit involves more than just memory training. In addition to daily brain jogging sessions, it is still important to make sure you get enough physical exercise, eat a healthy diet and keep up regular social contacts, family and friends. The human organ of thought is complex and demanding and needs versatile stimuli to develop its remarkable abilities.

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