Stewardesses illness this care helps eucerin

Stewardess disease – Too much creaming can lead to hypersensitive skinThe term "stewardess disease" refers to a skin rash that forms around the mouth. The medical term for the disease is "perioral dermatitis". The cause is overgrooming. Associated irritation of the facial skin. Frequently affected are women between 20 and 50, who are often exposed to dry air and use a lot of care products and make-up. With the right care, the skin rash is easily treatable.

Stewardesses illness this care helps eucerin

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Stewardesses disease this care helps eucerin

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Stewardesses illness this care helps eucerin

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What is stewardess disease?

The medically correct term for the so-called stewardess disease is perioral dermatitis. This is a skin disease that appears in the form of a red vesicular rash. The skin changes usually appear around the mouth, which is why the disease is also known as Mouth rose is called. However, the inflammations can also affect other parts of the face. Women who use makeup and grooming products daily and are exposed to dry indoor air are frequently affected.

Why it is called stewardess disease?

The skin of stewardesses is severely stressed: Dry air on the plane and the frequent use of make-up and care products irritate the sensitive facial skin. Since stewardesses represent the prototype of the erysipelas patient, the skin disease is also called stewardess disease.

How irritated and hypersensitive skin reacts

Stewardesses illness this care helps eucerin

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Dry air in salesrooms, offices or flight cabins makes the skin dry and sensitive. Many sufferers try to make the symptoms go away and apply moisturizers several times a day. But they make it even worse: Frequent reapplication of cream really over-moisturizes the top layer of horny skin and dries it out further.

Stewardess disease – when the skin tingles, itches and tightens

Women between the ages of 20 and 50 in particular often suffer from dry, irritated skin. At work they always appear perfectly made up. Often freshen up their makeup. Removing makeup in the evening can put additional stress on the skin.

stewardesses illness this care helps eucerin

The first symptoms of hypersensitive skin are a stinging, burning or tight feeling.

skin hypersensitivity caused by this often starts with an unpleasant skin sensation and a low sensitivity threshold. This makes the skin sensitive and vulnerable to external and internal stress factors.

In extreme cases, the skin can become inflamed and pimples and red nodules form. If these symptoms appear mainly around the mouth, they are colloquially referred to as stewardess disease (perioral dermatitis).

stewardesses illness this care helps eucerin

Redness due to hypersensitivity usually occurs on the cheeks, in the T-zone and on the chin.

Care products that u. A. Containing fragrances and preservatives increases the risk of a skin reaction. A soothing skin care product like Eucerin® UltraSENSITIVE, which does not contain any irritants, can prevent such unpleasant skin reactions.

Field report: Treating stewardess disease

stewardesses illness this care helps eucerin

Stewardess Nadine Kruger (26) is beaming again

Flight attendant Nadine Kruger solved her skin problem with Eucerin® UltraSENSITIVE

Stewardesses suffer more often than average from particularly sensitive skin. At an altitude of ten kilometers, the outside air is very dry at around 52 degrees below zero. It is warmed via air conditioning, but not enriched with moisture.

The result: extremely low humidity levels – In Economy Class it is around 16. In business and first class, the value can also be significantly lower, as passengers are seated less closely together and do not humidify the air as much when exhaling. Values between 40 and 60 % are optimal for the skin! It's no wonder that so-called stewardess sickness is particularly common under such conditions.

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