Study health and nursing sciences in germany university compass

Studying health and nursing sciences in GermanyHealth and nursing sciences are primarily concerned with aspects of nursing and care for the elderly, as well as the effects of illness or disability on people's daily lives. The health care-. nursing sciences include u.a.a. Courses of study in health education, nursing education and rehabilitation sciences. Health economics courses and courses in health and care management are particularly concerned with health economics ies.

If you want to study health and nursing sciences, you should have a sound knowledge of social studies, biology, chemistry and mathematics. Knowledge of economics as a school subject makes it easier for you to gain access to the business management content of the degree program. Ethical aspects also play a major role, especially in the nursing sciences. Since important technical literature is partly only in English, you should be able to read and understand English.

Study health and nursing sciences: Study and internships

Health science degree programs teach medical, health and social science knowledge, but also cover specialized aspects of psychology and economics. Study programs in the nursing sciences focus on the areas of health, management, and nursing and social law.

Your studies will have a different thematic emphasis depending on your specialization. During your studies you will be taught the scientific basics of health and nursing sciences, rehabilitation sciences or non-medical therapies. In addition, there are subject-specific aspects such as z.B. Fundamentals of psychology, theories and methods of prevention and health promotion, health communication, empirical social research, and legal and business fundamentals.

For many courses of study in the health and nursing sciences, you must have completed qualified vocational training in the nursing field before taking up your studies; this applies in particular to courses of study in the nursing sciences. Depending on the university, you may also have to complete an internal university selection process. During the course of study, practical phases of varying duration are planned, as well as collaboration on projects.


Study health and nursing sciences: Perspectives

A degree in health and nursing sciences often leads to a career in social and health management, health counseling, or health promotion. In addition, however, activities in the field of data collection and data analysis, adult education, education management, social counseling and in other professional fields of activity are also conceivable.

Employment opportunities also arise in research and teaching or in consulting for health promotion institutions, as well as in public administration and associations. Also possible are activities with health and care insurance companies. For management positions, completion of an advanced degree is usually expected.

Study health and nursing sciences: Degree programs by field of study

Several fields of study are assigned to the health and nursing sciences field of study, which in turn include several degree programs with different emphases. Accordingly, a field of study is a subarea of a field of knowledge or subject area under which similar courses of study are grouped together. If you're looking to study a health and nursing degree program, it may be worth your while to look at these sorted by field of study.

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