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Start of the bathing season With sunscreen and a warm shower: bathing is funThere are still a few weeks to go before summer begins. However, the outdoor swimming pool season starts now -. Although without the Corona restrictions of previous years. Tips for the early jump into the cold water.

Medicine : Study: Do antibiotics reduce the effectiveness of vaccinations in children??

Antibiotics have helped countless sick children. Now there is evidence of another side effect of the medication. However, it remains to be seen how significant this is.

Pediatrician recommends: Measure blood prere regularly for children who are overweight

If children and teenagers are overweight, their parents should give them special support. This includes, for example, looking for offers of help, but keep an eye on the blood prere.

Deutsche Herzstiftung : Risk calculator: How to determine your heart age via app

Doctors keep warning that many people are at increased risk of heart attack. But does it apply to you? A new app from the Heart Foundation aims to be able to assess that.

Pilot study on FH : metabolic disease in children can be detected early

If the congenital metabolic disorder FH is detected early in children, later cardiovascular diseases can be avoided. As part of a pilot study, the German Heart Center in Munich is offering a special treatment program for this purpose. Interview Two of Germany's nine best chefs live. Working in the Bernkastel-Wittlich district. The two summit strikers have a lot in common. Separates yet so many things. By Verona Kerl and Christian Moeris

Photo spread: Star chefs Clemens Rambichler and Thomas Schanz in an interview Guide Michelin stars in the Trier region: Piesport three-star chef Thomas Schanz after his award: "I didn't suspect anything"

Plenty of sun in March already makes the asparagus heart beat faster. How fans of the noble vegetables can make the most of the season right up to the last day is revealed in this guidebook. Asparagus without greasy butter or hollandaise: with lentils. Vinaigrette the pole vegetables also tastes delicious.

For many nettles are only annoying weeds. But instead of just cursing it, you can also use the iron-calcium-vitamin bomb in the kitchen. This is how it goes.

The pungent tuber is uncomplicated in preparation – but what is the best way to peel ginger?? And what can you do if too much ginger has ended up in your food? Experts know the answers. By Julia Felicitas Allmann, dpa

– Chicken plus shrimp : recipe for surf& Turf – Problem overweight : calorie information: From jam to fish curry : The cookbook for the Queen's Jubilee – German Beer Day : Bleak prospects for beer brewers – Watch out for variety : The protein supplier under the microscope: Soy is so healthy

Going out& Enjoy

Last year, too, the jurors of the world-famous culinary guide Michelin were out and about in top gastronomy handing out stars. These are the excellent restaurants in the Trier region. By Lydia Dartsch

Top gastronomy: Three stars for Piesport in the new Guide Michelin: Thomas Schanz makes it onto the list of the best restaurants Restaurant guide: The new Guide Michelin restaurant guide: When it will be published and what it means for top chefs Series: "Listicles – Life in lists": Here's the full pampering program: Ten luxury hotels from the region (photos and map) Gastronomy: Guide-Michelin 2021: These star restaurants are in the Trier region

20 years Guesthouse, 50. Birthday : Saarbrucken's star chef Klaus Erfort wants to get back his third star

He is a living legend of Saarland's top cuisine, and now Klaus Erfort has two reasons to celebrate: His "Gastehaus" in Saarbrucken has been around for 20 years, and in a few days he will be 50. But he's not thinking about parties, he's got big things in mind. Here he talks about his future, the third star, the FCS, expensive red wine, rude guests, and practices self-criticism. By Thomas Schafer

Home and pleasure: Gourmet chef Thomas Schanz from Piesport: is he a candidate for the third Michelin star? Gastronomy: Losing a Michelin star: Here's what star chef Wolfgang Becker has to say

Quick one pot dishes are in trend. Perfect pasta and vegetables to create a fine vegetarian dish. We show you a delicious pasta recipe with tomato and feta. By Lukas Ittenbach

Heart-shaped chocolates in the supermarket, couples in love and pink decorations everywhere. It's that time again: Valentine's Day is just around the corner. But what can you do on this day in Trier. Doing business in the region? Here are a few ideas. By Lukas Ittenbach

Customs: Why love locks are no longer allowed to hang on the waterfall bridge in Saarburg

Who invented them, the golden, crispy potato sticks called French fries, chips or frites?? This question is not easy to answer.

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