Summertime travel time health tips with lavender and ginger

Summer is the time of richness and abundance in nature, the time of heat and long days. It is also a time of the highest development in the human organism. In this time, you should take a time out from everyday life.

Summer is also a time for travel. How about visiting the blooming lavender fields in Provence from the end of June to the beginning of August?? There grows the true lavender, botanical name Lavandula officinalis, which belongs to the plant family Labiatae. After harvesting it – by steam distillation of the flower panicles. Stalks – processed into essential oil. It takes 140 to 160 kilos of plant material for 1 liter of genuine lavender oil.

No other plant is so strongly associated with Provence as the lavender. It is considered the symbol of Provence and with its impressive bright lavender flower here is no longer imaginable away. You can find it in fields, gardens and along many paths.

Lavender, promotes clear thinking and is balm for the soul. I love these beautiful lavender fields and the fresh flowery, herbaceous scent – as you can also see here on my website.

"Walk through a blooming lavender field, Enjoy the peace – the fragrance, Gather strength for the day." (Patrice Jeancourt)

Beautiful lavender spots can be found in Grignan in the French department of Drome, near Riez and in the Valensole plateau (both in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department) and in the Lure mountains.

Lavender tips

First-aid kit

When you put together your first-aid kit, don't forget the lavender oil! It is a first aid oil for many cases. For sunburn, insect bites, for insect repellent and for jet lag.

Lavender against sunburn

This is where a cooling lemon lavender poultice helps, according to the following recipe by Maria Kettenring:

5 drops of lemon (oil or fruit) and 10 drops of lavender fine, drizzle in 20 milliliters of organ floral water and spray the mixture on a piece of gauze. Put it on the affected area.

Tips against motion sickness

Some people suffer from nausea and headaches when traveling by car, boat or plane. The so-called motion sickness is triggered by the discrepancy between what the eye sees and what the fine organ of balance in the inner ear perceives in terms of movement. The eyes adapt to movement, but the inner ear does not. This gives the brain two opposite messages. The result is that the body reacts with nausea.

If you are prone to motion sickness. Should not eat large meals before and during the trip and avoid alcohol. It is better to take a snack and plenty of liquids regularly.

Before and during the trip, chew on a fresh, peeled lingwer root or drink a lingwer tea. The ginger also does not make you sleepy, as many other medicines do. Get well again. Well rested home.

Would you like to know more about "the energy of fragrances"- ,,Fit and healthy through the seasons" – for body, soul and spirit. Just call. Make an appointment.

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