Superfood trend chicory root what can the medicinal plant 2022

Superfood trend: What can the chicory root?The chicory, which in Central Europe often grows by the wayside and is therefore also known as the Chicory is known, enjoys lately increasing popularity. The common chicory "Cichorium intybus" is not as well known as its sister plant cultivated forms chicory, endive and radicchio, which will be especially salad fans a term. Nevertheless it becomes more and more – or rather said again – popular.

In this article we will tell you how the chicory Use and why it has recently even become "Medicinal plant of the year 2020" was chosen.

In late summer and autumn the chicory forms sky-blue flowers. It opens only when the sun rises and is therefore also called "sunbride. Already in the time before Christ the old Romans used. Greeks the ingredients of chicory. Stomach problems as well as intestines-. Liver diseases.

Also the naturopath and name giver of the Kneipp medicine, Sebastian Kneipp, swarmed at the beginning of the 19. Century from the Wegwarte. Above all because of their on the Bitters back detoxifying properties. He also recommended the plant for loss of appetite and constipation. In the 20. In the nineteenth century the chicory. your roots nevertheless first once in oblivion. Century got the chicory. Nevertheless, its roots were forgotten for a long time.

Out of necessity: chicory root as a coffee substitute

Not only as medicinal plant the chicory has been used since time immemorial, but also as an coffee substitute. In the 18. In the nineteenth century, it was rather out of necessity that people discovered that the root of the chicory also had a use: it provided a cheap alternative to bean coffee dar. Initially, the more expensive bean-to-cup coffee was only stretched with the inexpensive chicory root. But when Frederick the Great in 1780 Ban on bean coffee for the common people, chicory coffee became increasingly popular.

Consumption really went through the roof when Napoleon The exotic coffee beans became scarce on the European mainland when the Continental Blockade was imposed in 1806.

The chicory coffee received at that time the colloquial name Muckefuck. Where this comes from is not entirely clear today. One possibility is that muckefuck comes from the French "mocca faux", i.e false coffee, comes. The other explanation goes back to the Rhenish dialect back, in which "Mucke" wood mulch and "fuck" lazy meant. Not a particularly venerable name for a superfood.

How do we benefit today from the root coffee substitute?

Since bean-to-cup coffee is neither banned nor in extreme short supply right now, one might ask, why it at all a substitute for the favorite drink of the Germans needs. Especially since coffee is not unhealthy. In moderation can even be beneficial to health.

Nevertheless, many people tolerate the muck contained in coffee Acid not, or feel from too much Caffeine jazzed up. If you still don't want to give up your coffee treat, you can turn to a substitute made from chicory root.

Chicory root is naturally caffeine-free and therefore a very compatible Alternative to regular bean coffee. Also taste-wise hardly must be cut down, since the Inulin transforms during roasting into an aroma that is very close to the taste of "real" coffee. Also against other coffee substitute products on grain basis the root chicory could prevail, since it is free from gluten and thus also for humans with incompatibilities prima suitably is.

Is coffee substitute from the chicory root healthy?

In chicory coffee are found many important Minerals as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, folic acid and magnesium. In addition, valuable Trace elements such as iron, selenium, manganese or copper. These ingredients provide us with new Energy and vitality – no caffeine at all, which only puts the body into a state of alertness for a short time. Since chicory coffee does not contain caffeine, it can easily be drunk before sleeping. It is even said to help you sleep better and wake up refreshed the next morning.

But there are even more advantages. The minerals contained in the plant bitter substances actually support the liver in detoxification, as Kneipp had already suspected at that time.

What also makes chicory coffee healthy are the nutrients contained in the hot drink Polyphenols, which has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels. Just one cup a day is said to help prevent thrombosis. The coffee substitute from the chicory root is therefore quite healthy.

How to make your own coffee from chicory root

Chicory coffee can be simply make it yourself. For this you need a chicory root. These you cut into thin slices. Lets you dry at about 40 degrees in the oven for several hours. It is then roasted in the pan, ground in the coffee grinder and like filter coffee brewed.

Uses: What are the other uses of chicory??

The root can not only roasted and processed into coffee substitute, but also as Baked or pan-fried vegetables can be prepared and consumed. In this way it provides us with a large amount of the Carbohydrates inulin. feeds intestinal bacteria. So that promotes their spread. In addition, the absorption of minerals is favored. The risk of intestinal infections and inflammatory intestine illnesses is lowered and the growth of malignant cells is hindered.

Those who suffer with recurrent Eczema or Skin blemishes struggling with heart disease can also benefit from the healing properties of root chicory. For example, compresses made from the leaves and flowers of the plant help here.

From the root to the leaves and to the flower stalks, every part of chicory can be used and utilized for health purposes. Therefore, the chicory root is a real Multi-talented with various Power forces from nature.

Medicinal plant of the year 2020

Since 1990, the Association for the Promotion of Natural Medicine has chosen the medicinal plant of the year every year. Due to its healing properties and Versatile application possibilities this year the chicory root was chosen as the winner.

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Superfood trend chicory root what can the medicinal plant 2022

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Superfood trend chicory root what can the medicinal plant 2022

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Superfood trend chicory root what can the medicinal plant 2022

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Superfood trend chicory root what can the medicinal plant 2022

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