Sustainability and health stw hamburg

The topic of sustainability. The use of resources is very important to us. Our special responsibility not only to protect nature and the environment, but also to preserve them for future generations, influences and guides our actions and thinking.

In our cafeterias and cafes we have the opportunity to act in the sense of sustainability in many places. The expansion of the regional, fair and organic offer is an important step. In addition, we are still working along the chain of action on a conscious use of resources, in the use of technology and saving waste and food waste.


If possible, we prefer food from the region. We source our asparagus, apples, strawberries and blueberries dewy fresh exclusively from the region, and we are in negotiations with our supplier to expand the range even further. For example, we already use Sussland pork – which also comes from the region – in our campaigns.

Already now we offer coffee and all coffee specialties exclusively in organic quality and fair trade. In addition, we have many cold drinks, tea, drinking chocolate and bananas in organic quality. As a certified company, we comply with all the relevant regulations for using and labeling organic products and are subject to the strict controls of the Prufverein Verarbeitung okologischer Landbauprodukte e.V. according to EC-organic regulation DE-oKO-007. The appointed inspection body monitors all the steps of the food production on its way to our refectories and cafes. This ensures a high level of transparency. Safety guaranteed for our customers.


We are in the process of expanding our range of fair trade products. We offer coffee and coffee specialties exclusively in Fairtrade quality, as well as various teas, cold drinks, drinking chocolate and bananas with the Fairtrade seal.

For this we have been awarded by TransFair, the association for the promotion of Fair Trade in One World.

– guaranteed minimum prices for farmers – long-term trade relations – financing of community projects in the producing countries – careful use of natural reserves.

Sustainability and health stw hamburg


Our diet has a major impact on climate change. In order to point out this connection and to actively save greenhouse [-]emissions, we mark climate-friendly dishes of the menu in the dining halls of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg with the symbol of the climatologist. These dishes do not contain components such as z. B. Beef or pork whose production causes high greenhouse gas emissions.


For more and more people, a healthy, nutritious and sustainable diet plays an important role; especially when the day is spent mainly sitting and the ability to concentrate must not suffer. Under the brand mensaVital we offer dishes that are prepared in a particularly vitamin-friendly and low-fat way – with natural ingredients without flavor enhancers. For this, fresh herbs provide even more aromatic taste sensations. Our carefully composed and nutritionally balanced recipes provide you with a varied, wholesome offering.

Principles of mensaVital
Under the motto "Fresh through the day" mensaVital stands for balanced and contemporary food. Diversity of taste. Freshness are formative elements.

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