Swim bladder problems swim bladder of the fish broken burst

Swim bladder problems: swim bladder of the fish broken burst
Swim bladder problems: Today we want to take a look at the field of Fish diseases with the Swim bladder employ. Again and again it comes here with the ornamental fish in our aquariums to Problems. These can present themselves differently. The swim bladder is one of the most important organs of the fish and if this is broken, torn or burst, the fish can no longer move as usual. As the name already says Swim bladder necessary for the swimming of the fish. But let us first start with Function of the swim bladder.

Another cause of swim bladder disease or a defect of the swim bladder, can also be caused by other diseases. Here are mainly parasites or even worms the cause. Unfortunately, there is little scientific research on what is really behind many swim bladder problems.

However, we ourselves could already determine problems with the swim bladder after a water change. Here it can come to a gas oversaturation. This then also triggers prere differences in the fish. A cure is then usually no longer possible. This is triggered in connection with the water change but the cause is in the tap water.

It can also happen that fish have only inflamed their swim bladder due to a large temperature difference. One this then a swim bladder inflammation.

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What can be done against the problems of the swim bladder then?

If you have affected fish in your aquarium, you should act quickly. Unfortunately, there is usually little chance of success. However, you can try to put the fish first in a separate tank where you keep the water level quite low. This protects the fish, because it does not have to work constantly against the sinking force.

In addition, one should try to raise the temperature by 2 to 4 degrees if an inflammation is present. But please always increase this temperature very slowly. It is also advisable to know the fish's identification cards, as these limit the level of the temperature.

Of course, there are also some medicines, which can be given to the fish. Whether it promises however success remains questionable.


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