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Swimming coursesSwimming is healthy and an ideal cardiovascular workout to keep fit at any age. Because it works the entire body muscles without stressing the joints. Learning proper swimming technique provides the best foundation for lifelong enjoyment and safety in the water. Due to the great demand, the manager of the all-weather pool, Torsten Stelljes, together with his team, has put together a wide range of courses for you. All swimming courses are taught by our experienced swimming instructors. carried out by the professional staff of the all-weather swimming pool. There is also a wide range of courses offered by our partners, u.a. the Ballance Health Studio, the Kneipp Association, the Rheumatism League, the VSK and the DLRG, who give up to eight courses daily in different water areas of this pool.

All swimming courses at a glance

Offers for big and small

Below you will find an overview of our various swimming courses for children and adults, which you can request via the option "Book course" regarding available places. By arrangement, we also offer individual or remedial lessons tailored to your needs. Here you can get the current conditions of participation for the swimming courses.

It is in our interest to put together a comprehensive range of courses for you. Since it is not possible to cover all needs within this offer, we gladly accept your wishes and suggestions. Please contact us by phone at 04791/ 94030 or use our contact form.

Adult swimming course

Water control, deep fear, breaststroke or backstroke, if desired small diving school and diving exercises

10 course units à 45 minutes several times a week from 19.30-20.3 p.m. Price: 115 Euro (incl. Admission)

Swimming technique and endurance

Learn a swimming technique (crawl or backstroke).

Our course instructors will be happy to draw up initial training plans for your personal endurance training.

5 course units of 45 minutes several times a week from 19.00-19:45 o'clock or from 19:45-20:30 o'clock

Health oriented swimming

Strengthen your health through regular swimming (cardiovascular training) and tips on fitness-oriented nutrition!

10 course units of 45 minutes each, several times a week from 20.00-20.45 o'clock

Children advanced swimming course

Big jump school, stretch diving and three swimming styles to prepare for the German Youth Swimming Badges (bronze-silver-gold) Prerequisite: Seahorse Badge

5 course units of 45 minutes each Mon – Fri: during vacations 09.00-09.45 o'clock or 10.00-10.45 o'clock

Children beginner swimming course – from 5 1/2 years old

Water familiarization, intensive swimming preparation, diving exercises and small diving school

15 course units of 45 minutes each Mo – Fr: 14.00 – 14.45 ; during vacations 08.30-09.15 o'clock*

Water habituation for children from 4 1/2 years

The contents of this course are to be understood as preparation for the beginners swimming course. This includes water familiarization, gliding in the water and playful introduction to the first swimming movements.

5 course units à 45 minutes Mon. – Fri.

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