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Learn to swim and swimming training for children and adultsOur
swimming school "learn to swim tegernsee offers you the best swimming lessons for small and big swimmers. Train you or your children weekly with our swim coaches in units that teach important content and are fun at the same time. Learning to swim correctly and safely from scratch. The following swimming badges can be taken in our swimming school:

– buccaneers – youth swimming badge (bronze, silver, gold) – SwimStar: learn to swim program (bronze, silver, gold) – hourly swimmers (one hour, 1.5 hours, two hours)

In our courses and swim trainings, participants learn in different levels of difficulty, among other things:

– Knowledge of swimming rules: Rules of conduct and safety measures for swimming as well as the bathing rules of the German Life Saving Association (DLRG) – Swimming over a longer period of time – Jumping from the edge of the pool and then swimming – Jumping from the starting block, from the one-meter board and from the three-meter board – Crawl swimming – Breaststroke – Backstroke – Back crawl swimming – Stretch diving from the swimming position – Deep diving from the water surface with fetching up small objects – Transport swimming: Pushing or pulling objects – Swimming lessons to improve swimming style or as preparation for competitions

To be able to swim well and safely – why is that so important??

Swimming brings added value
Part of the nature and infrastructure surrounding us, waters and swimming pools, are only available to us in a very limited way if we cannot swim. This means that carefree hours spent splashing around in lakes and rivers, on vacation at the seaside and practicing water sports are no longer possible. Swimming can save lives
Anyone who falls unexpectedly into the water – from a jetty, into a pool or from a boat – should be able to stay afloat as best as possible! Swimming is healthy
Muscles are exercised in a holistic way, joints are relieved, lung function and the cardiovascular system are strengthened. Movement in the water can also be used as a sports therapy or rehabilitation measure.

Swimming offers at any time of the year

In summer: learning to swim in Lake Tegernsee

Look forward to great outdoor swimming in the summer months: from May to September our swimming school offers open water swimming in Lake Tegernsee, weather permitting, where you can also practice snorkeling and fin swimming!

Safe at icy temperatures: We train ice swimming with you

In order to avoid endangering yourself and your health, there are a few things to keep in mind when ice swimming or ice bathing. Therefore, let us advise you on this or take a training session right away! We also offer ice swimming as a component of personal training !

Swimming more health center kreuth

Individual support thanks to small groups

In order to be able to give each swim student the attention they need, find our Swimming courses take place in small groups: In one Swimming course are maximum four children, in the Swimming training maximum five children.

We pay attention to each participant individually to support, so that they can swim safely and fast success in swimming learn and do not develop a fear of the water.

Especially for the younger ones and the very young it is important to swim with much fun to the training approach. Every child has the opportunity to learn to swim in his or her own pace to learn and we support the offspring individually according to the respective level of proficiency. During swimming lessons we use swimming belts and shark fins.

Children and infant swimming

Swimming aids like water wings, swimming boards, swimming cushions and more cannot replace the ability to swim well! Knowing how to swim is therefore an important factor for (child) safety and Protection against drowning. The ideal time to learn to swim is around the age of four. Of course also younger children can already be accustomed to the element water.

For your very little ones there is as an offer of our health center Baby swimming: Babies between the ages of six and twelve months are ideally introduced to the element water. The little ones romp around together with mother or father in pleasantly warm water with a temperature of 30 degrees or more. Through gentle movements in the water, the musculature and motor skills are promoted, the sense of balance is strengthened and new sensory impressions are conveyed to the little ones. Parents also learn something while swimming with their offspring: namely, the proper grip techniques for moving in the water.

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