Swimming niendorfer tsv in hamburg

The swimming department of the Niendorfer TSV offers attractive offers to young and old. For children and young people who already have a "swimmer's license" In many places, there are sighting, junior, competition and performance groups. Adults can swim their lanes in different groups or keep fit with water gymnastics. Learning to swim should also find a place in our department. Since October 2016, we offer beginner training according to our own junior concept.

Contact person for swimming

Head of department: Patrick Matzold

Stellv. Department management: currently unoccupied

Direction Polar Bears and contact person: Heike Morfeld: [email protected]

Sports director: Jann Creter (commiss.)

Youth coach: Cara Tiffert (kommiss.)

Beginners swimming ! Learn to swim in the swimming department Fixed club groups + intensive supervision + safe learning to swim with sustainability All dates can be found here:

Polar Bears 1: Here our youngest learn. From the age of 5, children with no swimming experience can enroll.

Polar Bears 2: It is about the deepening of water mastery and movement, the Seahorse is the big goal!

Polar Bears 3: Our advanced swimmers! With seahorses as a basic requirement, the different swimming styles are taught in this group.

All Eisbaren have 2 x week a 40 minutes swimming lessons, we want to learn so quickly and intensively with the children.

– You are still looking for a learn to swim group for your child? – You want your child to learn swimming in a technically safe way? – you don't feel like signing up all the time? – You think that your child is in good hands in a small fixed group? Then sign up. Your child right away!

And that's how easy it is:

Find the right group, fill out the registration form (you will find it below as a PDF document) and send it to [email protected].

Already a few days later you will receive feedback from us.

We have limited places!

The NTSV swimming department is part of the Startgemeinschaft (SG) Hamburg-West

The SG Hamburg-West is a merger of the swimming departments of the ATSV, ETV, HSV, HTB 62 and NTSV . This means that all swimmers of these clubs start for the SG Hamburg-West at competitions.

We have agreed that, due to the given framework conditions, we will Competitive sports would like to promote. If we don't attend competitions, we don't get any points and can't offer training anymore. Therefore, the basic condition for participation in club training is the willingness to compete and to celebrate a sense of achievement. The competition should motivate to jump into the water again soon, to train and to work on your skills. The prerequisite for this, however, is a high quality of swimming training at an early stage, which goes hand in hand with regular training participation (the children also go to school every day to learn, and not just once a week).

However, this is only possible if everyone (parents, athletes, coaches, board of directors) pulls together and pursues the same goal. The foundation for this is laid with a uniform concept for young talent. We are one of the few clubs/starting communities in Hamburg that can offer a structured promotion of young talent, at the end of which is the participation in the German championships (in the Hamburg federation groups at the Olympic base even the participation in international championships). In addition, regular participation in training provides identification with the club, makes it easier to make friends and ensures a stable relationship with the coach, who is often also a sorrow box and soul comforter.

The best performing children/youths of the SG Hamburg-West train together in the Performance group. Up to six days a week, they prepare for the highlights of the season. This includes starts at major swimming festivals as well as participation in the Hamburg Championships, the North German Championships and the German Yearling Championships.

For adult Swimming enthusiasts offers the SG Hamburg-West several times. Here, both recreational and competitive athletes may feel addressed.

Independently of this, the individual clubs offer swim training for every age and performance class. From the first attempts in the water to competition-oriented training for adults.

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