Symptom of disease or pregnant 12 alternative causes hello parents

Symptom of disease or pregnant? 12 alternative causesdisease symptom or pregnant 12 alternative causes hello parents

Nausea, aching breasts and co. do not necessarily mean that you are pregnant. What else can be behind it.

Pregnant or symptom of a disease?

Pregnant or not? Supposed signs of pregnancy can also have completely different causes. Unfortunately, the distinction is not simple and
our article can be used here only as a decision-making aid serve. It is in no way a substitute for a sound medical diagnosis.

Of course, with each of the options below, you'll have to decide for yourself: How likely is it that one of the mentioned diseases or causes is present?

Detect pregnancy

#1 Absence of menstruation

Here it depends on how regular your cycle is under normal circumstances. Since the female cycle is very susceptible to disturbances, the absence of menstruation need not always be a sign of pregnancy either.

– hormonal imbalances – underweight – lack of ovulation – long-lasting strong psychological stress – climate change – taking medication – (prolonged) use of the pill – menopause

#2 Labia are better supplied with blood and therefore have a bluish discoloration

With the onset of pregnancy, the body increases its blood volume. It can also cause the labia to swell slightly. But notice in addition none suddenly lower blood prere are more likely to have the following causes than pregnancy:

– sexual arousal – dark skin type – generally good blood circulation z.B. by sport

#3 Dizziness and circulatory problems

As the body adjusts to the new blood volume in the first weeks of pregnancy, dizziness may occur.

– too low blood prere – too high blood prere – diabetes – under/overactive thyroid – infection – malnutrition – anxiety

#4 The breast has become more sensitive and / or larger

As the very first sign of pregnancy, many women mention a feeling of tension in the breasts.

– Weight gain – Skin more sensitive due to sun exposure, due to creams or other external exposure – PMS

Around the cycle

#5 Persistent fatigue despite sufficient sleep

The pregnancy hormone progesterone makes expectant moms tired. However, there are many other causes for persistent fatigue:

– Infection (z.B. flu, but also HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis…) – inflammatory processes z.B. on the frontal sinus, teeth and jaw – low blood prere – problems with the thyroid gland – iron deficiency – mental exhaustion – depression and anxiety

#6 Nausea (in the morning or also during the day)

Undoubtedly, nausea is one of the best-known signs of pregnancy, and many women suffer from it in the first few weeks. But just as sure, there are so many other reasons for a slack stomach as well.

– Gastrointestinal infection – hypoglycemia – eating disorders – food poisoning – alcohol consumption – medication use – migraines – sunstroke – concussion – digestive tract disorders – appendicitis – anxiety

Calculate cycle length – this is how it works:

#7 Increased sensitivity to smell with clear aversions

Pregnancy often also gives women a fine nose – as protection against bad foods that can harm the unborn child.

– gastrointestinal infection – stress – migraine – diseases in the ENT area – hormonal disturbance – medication – fears

#8 Increased temperature for more than 2 weeks

Constantly elevated basal body temperature in the morning for several weeks may indicate pregnancy. However, this value is also very susceptible to interference.

– Inflammation in the body (teeth, jaw, and appendix) – fever – stress – alcohol consumption – jet lag – lack of sleep – shift work

#9 ravenous appetite, unusual cravings

The sour pickle is not necessarily a cliche: some women experience these pregnancy cravings. However, there are a number of other reasons for cravings.

– Malnutrition – mental stress – dieting – PMS

#10 Increased discharge from the vagina

Hormonal changes in pregnancy lead to increased discharge. This vaginal discharge is usually colorless or white, odorless and
not accompanied by discomfort linked.

– Infection (z.B. fungi, chlamydia, trichomonas) – cycle-related – allergic reaction – forgotten tampon – stress (including emotional stress). Do you have to go to the toilet more often than usual?. Pain when urinating? Then you may have a bladder infection: As an indication of pregnancy, this should per se not are evaluated.

Possible other causes:

– High fluid intake (especially coffee, alcohol) – Dehydrating / diuretic medication – Mental stress – Diabetes – Kidney disease – Weak pelvic floor muscles – Increased blood prere – Space-occupying process in the lower abdomen – etc.

#12 Fluctuations in emotions, irritability

Possible other causes:

– premenstrual syndrome (PMS) – lack of sleep – mental stress (z.B. partner conflict) – drug use – mental illness – diabetes – hypothyroidism

The more of these indications occur in parallel and over a longer period of time – such as the absence of periods, increased temperature and / or nausea – the more likely it is that you are pregnant. If you have not yet done a test, this should always be a reason to visit the doctor and look for the cause!

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