Symptoms from a to z symptoms in detail signs causes diagnosis treatment

Not every illness symptom indicates a serious disease.

Home remedies help to quickly restore well-being in such mild cases.

But if the body changes, attention is the first and most important medicine.

Because nausea can be one of the symptoms of pregnancy as well as indicate an upset stomach or even stomach disease.

Symptoms from A-Z

The following is an overview of the symptoms. Of course, we are always working to expand this! You are welcome to help with to improve the content. To present other interesting topics to the to improve the content and present other interesting topics to the public.

There are still many symptoms and diseases to be described, so if you have knowledge and interest in them we would be very pleased to have your support!

Often searched symptoms

Symptoms of pneumonia

Fever and cough every person has at least once or twice a year. But these complaints develop very suddenly, then very fast action is important. These symptoms indicate the beginning of pneumonia:

In addition, the cough in the chest is very painful. In bad cases, this pain can even be strongly felt in the lower abdomen.

There are also symptoms of pneumonia, which indicate an atypical course. Thus, chills and fever may occur separately, without being followed by a cough. There may also be an irritating cough that just won't go away. Especially young children and elderly people can develop very severe symptoms very quickly. In order to treat pneumonia successfully, a family doctor must make the diagnosis and initiate treatment as soon as possible. Because worst case symptoms of pneumonia are apathy and confusion.

Symptoms Diabetes

symptoms from a to z symptoms in detail signs causes diagnosis treatment

Even children can be affected by diabetes. If these following symptoms occur, immediate action is important.

– Larger than normal amounts of urine, even at night – Increased thirst with a need to drink a lot per day (several liters) , fatigue, general dullness – Constant hot hunger and weight loss – Severe pain in the abdomen – Untypical bad breath (like acetone / nail polish remover)

These are the symptoms of diabetes type 1. This is an autoimmune disease. Medical adjustment of medication stabilizes affected children. This chronic disease is not curable.

Severely overweight children can develop type 2 diabetes. A change of diet, losing weight and a good adjustment of the medication help to alleviate the symptoms of this diabetes.

Adults suffering from diabetes first show these symptoms:
a) Acute symptoms

– Increased urge to urinate and seemingly unquenchable thirst – Difficulty concentrating, tiredness and dullness – Susceptibility to infections (immune deficiency) due to suddenly very dry skin

b) Chronic symptoms of diabetes

– Digestive disorders (either diarrhea or constipation, also alternating) – Nerve damage (motor function, sense of touch, autonomic nervous system) of the skin (worsened wound healing) – Erectile dysfunction in men

It is important for the overall physical condition to quickly take all symptoms of diabetes seriously. Medical treatment of acute symptoms is more successful and can help reduce the long-term (chronic) symptoms.

Symptoms Stroke

symptoms from a to z symptoms in detail signs causes diagnosis treatment

A stroke is life-threatening, but is not always recognized quickly enough. These are symptoms of a stroke that must be treated urgently:

– Impaired speech and comprehension and unsteady gait – Acute, severe headaches

The most common cause of these symptoms is a blood clot, which leads to a vascular blockage. Less common but possible cause is cerebral hemorrhage. At first, however, this does not matter, because in any case a doctor must be consulted immediately.

Before the stroke even happens, early symptoms can appear. These are some or all of the above signs, but they appear suddenly and briefly and disappear completely after 24 hours. If this happens, the doctor should still be visited. Because if the precursors are detected early enough, this can possibly prevent a "real" stroke with all its serious consequences.

Symptoms of burnout

symptoms from a to z symptoms in detail signs causes diagnosis treatment

Burnout is, in layman's terms, a disease of the soul with drastic physical symptoms of exhaustion. In the professional world, however, the symptoms of burnout are rather regarded as signs of another disease. However, these symptoms indicate this syndrome in any case:

– Depersonalization = cynical or impersonal attitude in business life (toward colleagues and superiors, but also toward customers) – Emotional exhaustion – Dissatisfaction with one's own performance – Feeling of not being fulfilled in personal life

But long before a possible diagnosis, the state of being burned out makes itself felt in these changes:

– Being overwhelmed by work or voluntary activities in leisure time – Beginning isolation in personal contacts (customers, colleagues and superiors become the center of life) – Denial of own needs in favor of being busy

Physically, affected people feel this so:

– Lack of sleep and energy – Susceptibility to infections – Lack of concentration with risk of accidents

Soon the hyperactive state gives way to complete exhaustion, listlessness and emotional coldness. At this point, at the latest, there is an acute need for action in order to sustainably recharge the energy reserves. If treatment is left untreated due to ignorance or disinterest, despair follows as the worst of the symptoms for burnout. Not infrequently, there is now a danger of suicide, and those affected sink into severe depression.

Symptoms of pregnancy

symptoms from a to z symptoms in detail signs causes diagnosis treatment

Especially the beginning of a pregnancy means a big change for the body of a woman. Suddenly symptoms of pregnancy appear, which can be frightening or visually irritating. Vague signs, which could have other causes, occur in the morning, some during the day, some permanently from the beginning of pregnancy:

– Sudden and persistent circulatory problems, especially in the morning and with light exertion Dizziness – Nausea and vomiting, mainly in the morning and unusual Frequent urination with otherwise constant fluid intake – Constant severe fatigue – Plump breasts that appear visually larger and can cause a strong feeling of tension

Some signs indicate a high likelihood of an incipient or. existing pregnancy:

– Periods do not come. – Vagina and inner labia show a bluish tinge – Cervix is softer than usual during a gynecological examination.

The gynecologist will detect these symptoms of pregnancy at the latest. Depending on the stage of development of the embryo, this means that a new little life is actually growing in the mother's womb:

– Detection of the amniotic sac with the embryo (usually by ultrasound image) – Detection of the embryo's heart activity (pregnancy ECG) – Palpable fetal movements in the womb (usually felt by the mother even without a medical examination) – Listening to heart sounds (during monthly check-up ECG) – Palpation of embryonic body parts (especially head, hands and feet) through the abdominal wall

It is useless now to meticulously monitor all these symptoms of pregnancy. Because both the eventual and the sure signs vary from woman to woman.

Symptoms heart attack

symptoms from a to z symptoms in detail signs causes diagnosis treatment

Contrary to what is shown in movies, a heart attack does not take place suddenly, acutely and by collapse in every case. The following symptoms for a heart attack may appear minutes before the actual, life-threatening event:

– severe pain in the heart area for minutes (radiating to the back and shoulder, jaw, neck and upper abdomen as well as the arms) – tightness around the heart (intense prere and the feeling of suddenly being jerkily constricted) – burning in the heart area (radiating to the neck and front shoulder area) – cold sweat with pale skin (fear sweat with suddenly pale face color, general, sudden skin coldness)

In addition, non-specific symptoms for a heart attack can occur. These can also point to a much more harmless cause.

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