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Symptoms of bone cancerDiscomforts vary depending on the type of tumor and where it's located. Pain is usually the first symptom of bone cancer, whether it is bone metastases or primary bone cancer. In the case of primary bone cancer, this is usually followed by swelling, which in the case of adjacency to the joints can lead to a restriction of mobility.

In osteosarcoma, the long tubular bones of the extremities are predominantly affected. Osteosarcoma is most commonly found above or below the knee joint and at the top of the humerus bone. Even mild force can cause bone fractures in the affected areas. These are also called pathologic fractures. Chondrosarcomas are most common in the pelvis, femur and shoulder girdle. Symptoms are especially pain. An increasing swelling.

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In the Ewing sarcoma group, symptoms such as pain, swelling, fever and a general feeling of illness are found. As the disease progresses, weight loss and fatigue also occur. The most common locations are the long tubular bones of the legs and the pelvis.

Bone metastases occur throughout the skeleton, especially the spine, and can be very painful. They reduce the stability of the bone, therefore bone fractures often occur without a corresponding accident. A visit to the doctor is therefore highly recommended if the cause of the pain is unclear.

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Further basic information on bone cancer:

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How common is bone cancer?

Malignant tumors of the bone can occur anywhere in the human skeleton. They are either so-called primary malignant bone tumors, so-called sarcomas, which are relatively rare, or they arise as metastases of a malignant tumor of another organ.

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Diagnosis of bone cancer

If bone cancer is suspected, various examinations are initiated. Here you can find detailed information about all methods.

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Bone cancer treatment

Therapy varies depending on the type and location of the bone cancer, but should be performed in a specialized center if possible. Here you can find important information about the different treatment options.

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