Symptoms of heart disease

It is possible that the heart has already been affected before you even see the first signs such as z.B. Shortness of breath noticed.

If, for example, part of the heart is damaged due to reduced blood flow to the heart, the pumping force suffers. The blood is then no longer moved sufficiently. It accumulates in front of the heart. Due to the congestion and the resulting increased prere on the vessel walls, fluid leaks out and accumulates in the surrounding tie.

First symptoms of a heart disease

If the right side of the heart is affected, that is, if there is right-sided heart failure, there may be water retention in the abdominal organs or limbs. Straight water retention in the arms. Legs quickly stand out to sufferers.

In the case of left-sided cardiac insufficiency, water retention in the lungs can occur for the same reason, resulting in shortness of breath. Depending on the loss of cardiac output, these water retention symptoms may develop over hours or days and weeks. If the fluid accumulations form slowly they are not life-threatening, but must be investigated to treat the underlying heart failure. In addition, patients with these symptoms often feel powerless and lose their resilience.

However, there are also other symptoms that occur more quickly and in attacks. These must be treated immediately.

The first symptoms of mild damage to the heart can be:

– malaise – sweating – nausea

These symptoms do not occur at all times, but cluster as symptom episodes when the heart has to work harder. This can occur with physical exertion, such as climbing stairs – but also with emotional stress. At this stage, the heart is still little damaged. Often, patients are already unable to participate in usual activities of daily living as a result of these symptoms. The result: they go easy on themselves more and more. Are increasingly restricted.

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