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Study technical health care in GermanyTechnical health care deals with the development, distribution, support and maintenance of medical equipment and devices, i.e. technical devices used in medicine. These include u.a. technical devices for laser therapy in ophthalmology, X-ray systems or surgical robots.

If you are interested in studying technical healthcare, you should have in-depth knowledge of the school subjects mathematics, physics, computer science and biology. In addition, a good knowledge of English is essential, as technical literature is often only available in English.

Study technical health care: Study and internships

The study of technical health care builds on engineering and mathematical-scientific fundamentals, especially from medicine, physics and computer science. In addition, there is knowledge of anatomical and physiological relationships and the basic principles of medical procedures, as well as knowledge of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. In the course of your studies, specializations z.B. in ophthalmic optics, biomedical engineering or hearing technology is possible.

Depending on the school or. previous professional training, you must complete a preliminary internship of several weeks or go through a selection procedure before studying.

Practical phases during studies are usually carried out in industry or at the university.


Study technical health care: Prospects

A degree in technical healthcare will allow you to start a career in the development, operation and sales of medical devices, as well as in product management, marketing or quality arance. Possible areas of activity are z.B. Production planning and control, construction, technical sales or process and product development. Potential employers are u.a. Clinics and hospitals as well as industry, testing laboratories, offices and authorities or even universities.

Study Technical Healthcare: Study programs by field of study

Several fields of study are assigned to the technical health care field of study, which in turn comprise several courses of study with different emphases. A field of study is therefore a sub-area of a field of knowledge or subject under which similar fields of study are grouped together. If you're looking to study a technical healthcare degree program, it may be worth your while to look at these sorted by field of study.

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