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Terra X: A moment in history" watch it again on ZDF: Repetition of the documentary series online and on TVAm Sunday (1.5.2022) ran the documentary series "Terra X: A moment in history" on TV. All information to the repetition of "Columbus reaches America" online in the media center and on TV you can find out here at news.

Terra X: A Moment in History on ZDF Image: ZDF, transmitted by FUNKE Program Guides

On Sunday (1.5.2022) was broadcast at 19:30 "Terra X: A moment in history" broadcast on television. If you want to use the doc series at ZDF but would definitely like to watch episode 5 of season 2 ("Columbus Reaches America"): Take a look at the ZDF-Mediathek. This offers numerous TV reports online as video on demand for streaming – also and especially after the respective broadcast on TV. As a rule, you can find the program online after the TV broadcast. But unfortunately this is not true for all programs. ZDF broadcasts "Columbus reaches America but also once again on television: At 7.5.2022 at 2:00 p.m.

"Terra X: A moment in history" on TV: this is what "Columbus reaches America" is about

On 12. October 1492 Christopher Columbus enters the New World on the small Caribbean island Guanahani. "Terra X" stops the time to have a closer look at this moment. Did Columbus know the way before he set off?? Who were the men who accompanied him? Many things went wrong on this trip. The fact that it did succeed had consequences for the locals. The program is presented by "Terra X"-Presenter Mirko Drotschmann. The moment Columbus sets foot in America is the pivotal point of the story. Who was Christopher Columbus and how did he calculate the way? Today we know that the navigator did not sail into the unknown, he had spent years researching and reading the travel reports of others before he set off. What kind of ship was his flagship, the "Santa Maria"?, and how the sailors survived the weeks-long crossing despite drilling worms and the uncertainty of a return? Columbus was actually looking for a sea route to India, then the land of gold and spices. After a long period of not supporting his idea, the Spanish royal family finally backed his plans and provided Columbus with three ships and crews. We know some of his companions. Juan de la Cosa is captain and owner of the "Santa Maria" and also an experienced cartographer. Luis de Torres is a translator and is to lead the negotiations in the distance. Pedro Alonso Nino at the helm. The voyage becomes for him the starting signal for his own career as an expedition leader. Getting a crew together for the fleet wasn't easy. Sailors were not comfortable with a voyage with an uncertain outcome. On 3. August 1492 Columbus set sail and went on the 12. October on land in the Bahamas. The voyage had taken much longer than planned, Columbus had miscalculated. It almost came to a mutiny on board. On Haiti he founds a Spanish settlement a little later. Archaeological excavations have uncovered traces of this in En Bas Saline. Columbus finally returns to the Spanish court with exotic souvenirs: parrots, plants, gold dust, and kidnapped tainos. He did not bring the promised boxes full of gold and spices. The conquest and subjugation of the continent came later – with fatal consequences for the native population. 1492 is considered to be the turn of an epoch and the beginning of a new era. Columbus himself never understood the significance of his voyage. "A moment in history" stops the time to illuminate the different angles of this historical moment. The films consist of the latest VFX technology, game scenes, archive material and documentary re-shoots. The stories of the individual characters are held together by Mirko Drotschmann, who has made a name for himself as historian and YouTube expert "Mr. Knowledge2Go" is very well versed in the subject matter and can explain complicated ies in an understandable and entertaining way. He is supported by experts who classify the events in interviews. All three films in the series "Terra X: A moment in history" with Mirko Drotschmann are available from Wednesday, 20. April 2022, in the ZDFmediathek under terra-X.zdf.de to find. The web video for episode "A moment in history – Columbus reaches America" will be Saturday, 30. April 2022, at 10.00 a.m. in the ZDFmediathek and at a later date on the YouTube channel "Terra X https://youtube.com/c/terra-x published. All films in the ZDFmediathek and on YouTube are available for embedding with reference to "Terra X released for all interested. Further information: https://ly.zdf.de/Lai (Source: ZDF, transmitted by FUNKE program magazines)

All info about "Terra X: A moment in history" on TV at a glance

Episode: 5 / Season 2 ("Columbus reaches America")

TopicColumbus reaches America

Repetition on: 7.5.2022 (2:00)


Production Year: 2022

Length: 45 minutes

In HD: Ja

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