Thanks to the recommended treatment, you will also know that

Haut u geschlechtskrankheit augsburgOur practice in Harburg has moved to the Hauptstr. 52, 86733 Alerheim

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Specialists for skin and venereal diseases, allergology, laser medicine, outpatient surgery in Gersthofen and Alerheim.

Welcome to the dermatology practice Gersthofen

NEW: Online consultation

Dr. Cathrin Baumann and Dr. Christian Rohrer-Hoffgen are also available for you online.

Receive a competent initial assessment of your skin problem within 48h. Thanks to the recommended course of action, you will also know what you can do.

Your advantages:

+ Professional& trustworthy

+ From everywhere& easily accessible

+ Safely& compliant with data protection

+ Quick& time-saving


You will find our dermatology practice Gersthofen in the Dieselstr. 16 in Gersthofen. Our premises are located on the first floor. Parking spaces are located behind the building. From there the practice is accessible by elevator. Our practice is barrier-free accessible for wheelchair users as well as for patients lying down.

2020 our branch in Harburg/Schwaben has moved to the Main street. 52, 86733 Alerheim. Unfortunately, we cannot offer some services in the branch (z. B. surgeries, light therapy, some types of allergy testing). If you wish, we can arrange an appointment for you in Gersthofen for the provision of these services.

We lead a Appointment consultation. Patients without an appointment can only be accepted in case of emergency (s. there). If you want your family doctor or another specialist to receive a letter from us, please ask for a referral. In front of certain Services (surgery, laser treatment, aesthetic services, certain types of allergy testing) is absolutely a Preliminary consultation required.

Should you need Unable to keep appointment, we would like to ask you politely to cancel it by phone, fax or email – [email protected]

Cancel appointment

You have an appointment and want to cancel it?

In order not to get stuck in the telephone waiting loop, we have created a Whatsapp number. Specifying: Names, Date of birth and Appointment we delete this and immediately delete the chat.

Practice Dr. Rohrer-Hoffgen, Dr. Baumann

0171 – 90 79 039

no prescription ordering/no appointment making/no telephone answering

Emergency, acute complaints

Of course, we will try to help you if you develop acute severe symptoms. Please call us and arrange a Emergency appointment. This includes z. B. large-area eczema with severe itching, inflammatory diseases with fever and pain, moles or nodules on the skin that have developed quickly (within a few weeks) and change very dynamically. We always have to fit the emergency patients into an already full appointment calendar. Therefore, we ask for your understanding, if we do not have time for this emergency appointment exclusively around the acute problem take care. Emergency appointments are only made in the morning. Please bring patience. Waiting time with. Emergency appointments are taken over by the available doctor. Rest ared, however, that we doctors consult with each other if your case is unclear or complicated.

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