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1. Download free app

2. make a test

– Supervised self-test at work or school – quick test at the test center (dates at this link)

3. result for 24 h use

Since 3. April 2022, the measures related to the Corona pandemic were reduced to a basic protection. Test evidence is now only required in a few cases. An overview of the current regulations can be found here.

Monitored self-tests with the RMK-COSIMA app

In Schools and in many Operated self-tests are performed under supervision. These test results may be documented for further use. The RMK-COSIMA app was developed for this purpose. With it you can quickly. Digitally valid test certificates are ied.

The concept is simple: You have the app on your phone – just like the person supervising your test. This supervisor – the tester – releases the test result for you via the app in your own cell phone. This verifies your self-test, displays it on your cell phone, and is now a valid record for 24 hours.

And with the app, you have this Proof always conveniently at hand.

You are interested? Then learn everything about the RMK-COSIMA app on this page:

Supervision of self-tests: testers

How to become a tester for RMK-Cosima: Clicking on the image opens the graphic. Author: District Office.

As Tester unlock the test result of the persons who supervised you during the self-quick test – z.B. A school class or colleagues at work. To become a tester, you will need training or proof that you have prior medical training.

The Training to become a tester includes a theoretical and a practical part. You can already download the theory part as e-learning under this link complete.

For the practical part and to complete the training, you must register in the RMK-COSIMA app and submit an application to become a tester. You will then receive information by e-mail about the further route to the training and/or. where you can submit your evidence.

In addition to the training, all testers have to fill out an instruction and the company has to apply and sign the cooperation agreement and send it to rmk-cosima(@)rems-murr-kreis.en submit.

Individuals can be no tester will be. RMK-COSIMA is designed for companies and schools that want to train testers. Tests are done digitally. With little effort. – Positive cases are automatically sent to the Health Department reported. – Students and staff can Test results as evidence for further activities. Instead of a personalized registration in the RMK-COSIMA App by all testers. Tester of a school can be created a collaborative account per school. Note: Testers at schools are reported collectively to the district office via the school administrators. It is therefore not necessary for individual teachers to send us their evidence.

Data import for permanent approvals for tests
Student lists can be read in as a CSV file to automatically request permanent release for testing from students. (instructions see below)

Data export for statistics
The anonymized statistics of the tests performed, as required by the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, can be. (see below for instructions)

Create, manage and delete individual persons and classes
With the group editor, schools can conveniently create their classes from the PC, assign testers and adjust them as needed. The test result will continue to be entered directly via the app. (Instructions see below)

The application of the group editor as well as the data import and export is done via the COSAN portal. You can either log in with the RMK-COSIMA access data or create a new user. If the functions for your school have not yet been released, you can send an e-mail to rmk-cosima(@)rems-murr-kreis.en report for whom this is to be set up. Please enter the RMK-COSIMA user name (e-mail address), or. if a new user is to be created, the following data: First name, last name, email address, phone number.

Handouts for download:

use RMK-COSIMA in the company

Tests performed at the workplace under supervision can be documented with a test certificate. This is valid for 24 hours.

We offer companies in the Rems-Murr district to digitally document the test evidence free of charge with the RMK-COSIMA App. Your advantages:

– No paperwork – quick and digital iance of test results – employees can use the test record for 24 hours – employees can download their test record as a PDF document for longer-term documentation

You would like to have employees trained as testers so that self-tests can also be carried out under supervision in your company? Then fill out this application as well as the cooperation agreement. Send the documents to rmk-cosima(@)rems-murr-kreis.en.en.

Please then promptly send us two signed copies of the cooperation agreement by mail. We will then return a countersigned copy of the collaboration agreement to you.

District Office Rems-Murr-Kreis RMK-COSIMA-Team Anteroom District Administrator Alter Postplatz 10 71332 Waiblingen

Since a common service is provided, responsibilities must be fixed. This mainly concerns the handling of user data as well as the responsibility for the execution of the self-quick tests themselves. The collection, processing and sharing of personal data is agreed to by all test takers as part of the registration process in the RMK-COSIMA app. The approval is a prerequisite for use. The self-quick test is the responsibility of the person performing the test. In case of a self-quick test, the person performing the test is also the person being tested.

If you have any questions about the content of the cooperation agreement, please contact rmk-cosima(@)rems-murr-kreis.en.

We are looking forward to a good cooperation!

The district provides the app free of charge. However, costs for the training to become a tester may be incurred. to create a tester.

For more information on how to use the RMK-COSIMA app, please see the following instructions (link to PDF).

Note for documentation:

If you need to document the test evidence for four weeks, the tested person can download their test results directly from the app as a PDF for documentation purposes. In the app itself, only the last four test results are displayed, regardless of when the test was taken. So if you are tested twice a week, you can only draw on the results from the last two weeks. With the download as PDF also longer periods can be documented. You must download the PDF as long as the test is valid.

Explanatory videos for RMK-Cosima

You can easily get an explanation of RMK-Cosima in our short videos. Click on the image to go directly to the respective video in our Youtube channel.

Explanatory video: Cosima for test results

Explainer film "Cosima for users

FAQ: Answers to the most frequently asked questions

1. General information about the RMK-COSIMA app

Why is the RMK-COSIMA app available??
If you do not take a self-test alone at home, but at work or at school under the supervision of a trained person, you can use the result as proof afterwards – just like with the quick test at the test center. Many schools and companies already use such self-tests under supervision. Anyone who then does something after work or after school that requires a quick test (3G or 2G+ rule) does not need to take a second test, but simply shows the test result in the app. The RMK-COSIMA app was developed to document supervised self-tests and automatically forward positive results to the health department.

What is the use of the proof of a negative test result??
The four-level warning system in Baden-Wurttemberg with basic level, warning level, alert level and alert level II prescribes, depending on the level, different access authorizations for different areas of life. The following are considered access rights z. B. the 3G or the 2G+ rules. 3G means vaccinated or recovered or tested. 2G+ means vaccinated and tested, or recovered and tested. So the proof of your negative test result is your access authorization if the Corona rules require a current rapid test. With RMK-COSIMA, you always have this proof digitally conveniently with you. The idea behind this is to document the result of a supervised self-test at work or school and use it in other places as digital proof for the next 24 hours.

What the app is used for? The app can be used for self-tests under supervision at school. To be used at work. Digital proof of a negative test result in the RMK-COSIMA app can be used as a credential to access facilities that require a negative rapid test to use, as defined in Section 5 of the Corona Ordinance. The app can also be used for self-quick tests done at home, but these self-quick tests do not have an "entry ticket" function.

How do I register with the RMK-COSIMA app??
The app is available in the app stores. Install it on your smartphone and register with your email address and personal data. You will receive an access password by e-mail, which you must change after your first login. Note: In the registration mask, even for persons of legal age, there is a field for the e-mail address of a guardian. If you are of legal age, you do not need to fill in this field. Minors must also provide an e-mail address of a parent or guardian. This person must also register in RMK-COSIMA to consent to the minor's use of the app. What are the categories of Corona tests?
The test results are recorded in four steps. Only tests of levels 2, 3 and 4 are valid as evidence: this is regulated by § 5 of the Corona Ordinance for Baden-Wurttemberg.

– Stage 1: Self-test alone, without supervision (no access authorization). – Stage 2: Self-test under the supervision of a tester (access authorization for 3G and 2G+, if the test was done at work or school). – Stage 3: Rapid test by medical staff in a test center (access authorization for 3G and 2G+). – Step 4: PCR testing by medical personnel in a testing center (access authorization for 3G PCR).

What is the difference between the RMK-COSIMA app and COSAN??
COSAN is the software for testing centers where rapid tests are administered by medical professionals. RMK-COSIMA is a further development of this software, but it specifically documents and certifies rapid tests under supervision. These can also serve as proof according to § 5 of the Corona-VO. The background was a desire to provide a way to track proctored rapid tests taken in a school or business setting under supervision. Only test results in level 1 (self-test without supervision) can be submitted via the RMK-COSIMA app. Be submitted to Level 2 (self-test under supervision). Level 3 and 4 test results, i.e. from test centers, are transferred via COSAN. For this purpose the test center must be connected to COSAN.

How to ensure that the results are validly recorded?
RMK-COSIMA relies on the four-eyes principle as a matter of principle. Testers of the RMK-COSIMA-App have committed themselves to make the entries truthfully and will be held liable in case of intentionally provided false information. However, unattended self-quick tests can be entered, but these do not serve as access authorization as defined in Section 5 of the Corona Ordinance.

2. RMK-COSIMA for testers

Who can become a tester (trained third party)?– Individuals who supervise the administration of rapid self-tests at work or school (training or proof of prior medical training required)

Have medical training, are trained in taking rapid tests, or are trained in supervising rapid tests?
If so, please send proof in the form of a certificate or training certificate to [email protected]. After successful testing, you will be activated as a tester in the app. You will be informed of this by email.

You do not yet have experience in supervising rapid tests? Then you must first attend a theoretical online training course. Subsequently participate in a practical training. After successful completion, you will be activated as a tester in the app. You will be informed about this by e-mail.

Note on the application In the RMK-COSIMA app: To become a tester, you must belong to an organization. Therefore, this information is requested by the application to become a tester. If you do not see your organization in the list, please use the "Create Facility" button to enter the organization.

– Protect yourself with an FFP2 mask and disposable gloves. – Provide a sufficiently ventilated test room or supervise the tests outdoors. – Pay attention to hygiene and regularly disinfect their hands and surfaces. – Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to the test persons.

As a tester, may I charge a fee for the testing process?
A tester confirms that commercial use can lead to criminal and civil prosecution. Non-commercial use is when there is no profit motive in the offer.

Where can I find a tester who will perform and document the test with me?
There is no public directory of registered facilities for supervised testing. Please check with your employer or school if they use the RMK-COSIMA app and who can supervise the tests. Continue to make use of the possibility of citizen testing in pharmacies, test centers and doctors' offices: appointments at this link.

3. Questions about the tester training

What costs will I incur in connection with the RMK-COSIMA app??
The county allows the use of the app free of charge. However, there is a fee for the practical training. This can be requested directly from the training organization.

Where can I attend training?
The following steps must be completed before subsequent activation as a tester: – E-learning – practical instruction and teaching

– The e-learning can be completed at the following link: my-opinion.rems-murr-kreis.en/e-learning/1315936/3j5EFR After completing the e-learning, a brief hands-on instruction must be provided. This can be done either by the German Red Cross or the Rems-Murr Clinics. Appointments for a whole company can be arranged directly with the German Red Cross, among others. Please send a request to [email protected]. Participants will receive a link to book an appointment at the Rems-Murr-Kliniken by e-mail after successfully completing the e-learning course. In addition, we also accept hands-on instruction from trained personnel from other organizations.

– E-learning: 25-30 minutes – practical instruction and teaching: 25-30 minutes

4. General information on rapid tests and self-tests

What is the difference between rapid tests and self-tests??
In a Quick test for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, it is a point-of-care (PoC) antigen test intended for use by healthcare professionals or appropriately trained individuals. Depending on the test, sampling can be done by swabbing the upper nasal area alone or in combination with a throat swab, or by swabbing the nasal vestibule. The implementation can also in the form of a guided self-test take place. In the CoronaVO segregation the Self-test as defined as follows: "A test performed by the person him/herself or his/her legal guardian, Without guidance or supervision and without subsequent evaluation by a trained third party, performed antigen test for coronavirus."

Which rapid tests are approved?
A list of approved rapid tests for lay use can be found at the following link: BfArM – Antigen tests for SARS-CoV-2

How can I myself enter my own test result in the RMK-COSIMA-App?– In the app, first select the family member for whom the test is to be entered (z.B. yourself). – Select "Perform self-test" in the menu. – Enter the test result and confirm that the test was performed properly.

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