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Apples: a classic that can do a lotAn English proverb claims that an apple a day keeps the doctor away: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". That this cannot be taken quite literally was confirmed in an American study. However, it was also noted that apple eaters visit the doctor as often as those who do not consume apples, but they take less prescription drugs. So the conclusion that apples are healthy is obvious! Why this is so and what benefits the apple holds for your health, you will learn here with us. In addition, we hold for you a prescription for a
non-alcoholic apple punch Ready.

The apple – superfood from the home garden

The more exotic the better, you might think, looking at lists of "superfoods" (foods that are exceptionally rich in nutrients). Fresh apples have an amazing effect on our organism and taste delicious at the same time. The reason why a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is always propagated lies in the secondary plant substances (phytochemicals).

A whole range of these substances are also found in apples. All with strong antioxidant effects, which are important in preventing a host of chronic diseases. However, the content of these plant substances depends on several factors, namely the type of apple, the degree of ripeness, storage and processing. If you enjoy the apple for health care, do not cook it at all!

How does apple pectin work?

This is a dietary fiber and swelling agent that aids digestion and helps to rehabilitate the intestinal flora. The high content of pectin makes the apple the ideal diet companion: few calories, but rich in vitamins and fiber, so the apple is the suitable snack if you want to lose a few kilos. Eating an apple as an appetizer about 15 minutes before the main meal has also proven to be effective. the first feeling of hunger is satisfied, so you automatically eat less of the following meal.

Apple pectin can do a lot more, though:

– has a soothing effect on diarrhea, – serves to purify the body, – supports the connective tie,

As a home remedy for diarrhea, eat the apple grated, because it is easier to digest and the pectin can better absorb the liquid in this way. The pectin swells in the intestine, binds liquid and makes the stool more solid. There are even preparations containing pectin in the pharmacy, if you don't like apples at all.

Apples are not only good first aiders for intestinal problems, but also help to restore the intestinal flora in the long term. This happens when the fiber in the apple is converted into short-chain fatty acids by gut bacteria. These in turn provide energy for the intestinal mucosa.

Important: Always eat apples with the skin on, because this is where most of the valuable ingredients are found.

Fresh apples and apple juice are good for the grey cells

In fact, researchers from Massachusetts, USA, were able to prove as early as 2009 that the daily consumption of an apple, or. natural juice reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease. An improvement in anxiety, nervousness and delusions was recorded in those already suffering from the disease when a quarter of a liter of apple juice was consumed daily for 4 weeks. The reason for this is that apple juice inhibits the formation of beta-amyloids, these deposits are partly responsible for the development of dementia diseases.

Recipe for health: Alcohol-free apple punch

Preparation time: 15 minutes

level of difficulty: simply

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